Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pewter Silver or Gothic Medieval Black Glass Goblets

I think these black glass drinking goblets are really neat looking. When I saw them I immediately thought how neat they would be in someone that lives in a castle like home or Victorian dark ages theme.

I went to a wedding years back (famous rock star, sssshhh can't say unless you know me of course and know who it is) and in the was in the home of someone that lived in a castle. They rent it out for events and I thought it was super cool. The wedding attire was very medieval and gothic like. There was even a wolf that was in the wedding and an eagle!

We ate the food with our hands (if we wished) and the drinking glasses were goblets. They were some sort of silver. I have pewter ones I'm about to list for sale that reminded me of the cool wedding.

These black glass goblets would be really neat for a dark wedding too. But I think they can easily blend into an art deco themed home or some other era that has that neat look. 

I don't know a lot about glass but I do know that any with seams are of low quality. I'm learning. I think these are higher quality. I hope I can find more medieval type items. I think it's so cool!


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