Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is Vintage Clothing Hot Anymore?

I've been a little discouraged lately looking at eBay sales on vintage clothing. I don't see items selling so much like they used to. I don't know if it's the time of year as eBay is known to have highs and lows certain times of the year.

There are still some items really doing great but I'm seeing that it's a lot of the same sellers that have loads of feedback (high 4-5 digits) and wonder if they've just become really well known or have a lot of advertising, online presence?

I hate to go to thrift stores and pass up cool items I find but I've been doing that lately because if something doesn't sell it just sits and collects dust in my closet. Inventory must move or it all comes to a stand still. I do know Gatsby 20s style clothing is hot right now.  Not so easy to find though. I'm keeping my eyes open. 

I do see that was does really well are items from the early 1900s and that's probably a bit of a "duh" observation. Those items are not to be worn but are collectible pieces maybe even going into a museum.

Those kinds of items will of course be in antique stores versus vintage stores and I don't know that they'd be in a price range I could afford. 

I'll have to be on the lookout of what sells from the 50-80s eras to really keep an eye out. 

Are any of you lovers of vintage clothing? What trends have you noticed?

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hitting Thrift Stores Today, What Should I Buy, What Should I Pass On ?

So I'm hitting that "thrift store row" I found out about a few years back. I've got the hunting bug again and hope to go find some treasures. I used to (yeeeears ago) buy so much for myself and my home but it started looking like my home was a thrift store. Not so good.

I'm hoping to find some treasures to sell for those really in demand items. I could buy up the whole store as everyone likes SOMETHING but I just don't do that anymore. Oh I used to! I'd come home with bags and bags full. But that it was caused my burn out. Just too much to clean, then photograph which you then need to upload to your computer, then measure your items then listing onto your store. It's a lot of work. So I tend to sell what I also love. It makes it easy. Wish me luck!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Are you watching Thrift Hunters on Spike TV and Realty Show Try Out

I was so excited to learn that Jason and Bryan got a show. They've long been part of an eBay forum group I belong to so it's really neat. I was approached a couple of years back by a New York production company to audition for a thrift store realty show and they were trying out a few different people. They found me online via blogs like this one. I had a friend video tape me doing my thing in thrift stores and I sent it in.

I have to say, it was awful seeing myself on video. Looking at TV shows now I would have had someone do my makeup and hair and advised on what to wear and say. It really does make a difference. I did not get a show but I have to say I was glad because I work full time and am located in CA. Just thinking of how to make it work was stressful enough. But it was neat to be approached. 

Bryan and Jason are thrifting to resell like most of us do but also like most of us, they are passionate about the things they find. It's money yes but it's also a way to make a living from what we already love to do. I watched a few episodes and it's really neat to watch. It's also motivating to get to some thrift stores and list.

What about you? Who out there is still thrifting and do any of you sell?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ladies, do you love vintage purses?

I have quite a good variety of vintage purses for sale. I wonder why more don't sell though to be honest. I guess eBay just has quite a variety and someone has to find me to begin with.

I wonder if people notice that I have "make offer" for them? Yes I'm advertising a bit here but in all honestly I'm indeed just curious. Maybe  you ladies out there can help me out? What would you be willing to pay for some I have up? Is it time to donate?

Check them out here and give me some feedback. thanks!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mad Men Dorothy Thorpe Silver Trim Punch Bowl or Salad Bowl Matches the Roly Poly Cocktal Classes

I don't know if any of you are Mad Men fans or have followed the trend of what Mad Men has brought but I personally loooooove it!

The Roly Poly glasses were a huge it. Still hot as a matter of fact.  Here's a photo of Don Draper holding a Roly Poly which made them quite desired.

I found a set of these twice in thrift stores. I kept a few for my own collection as I do love them myself. I then sold the others for a nice profit but mostly the buyers were really happy to have found some.

This line has matching pieces like the punch bowl (or salad bowl) which I'm selling here.  It's the V Shaped bowl and has become quite desired as well. I gave one away as a promotion on another blog and that was a hit too. Here's the description and the listing. 

Original Dorothy Thorpe Crystal Large Salad Bowl.
This is the V Shaped Bowl with 1" silver band.  The popular online site with vintage
inventory shows only one in stock at 59.99. This bowl is footed and can be used
for punch bowl as well. Slight wear as to be expected but mostly
great vintage condition. 9" x 6"


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