Thursday, June 21, 2012

Discovery of a Thrift Shop Shopping Center !

I can't believe I never knew there was an actual thrift shop shopping center about 20 minutes from me. I accidentally discovered it about 3 weeks ago and I've had it on my "to do" list to visit them and finally did so.

Wow, 4-5 thrift stores all side by side, all 50-75% off entire store! This is bittersweet because on one hand I of course have thoughts of "yes, this is awesome!" But I know myself well..............those $1, $5 even 50 cents items add up quickly! I had to pray for willpower. But then again, at 50% off, I'd be getting such a great deal.

I found quite a few vintage purses I can sell.  I love to find things that I know people are looking for. Found tons of cheap vintage clothing but was able to really be selective with my choices. And I overlook items really carefully now. I found stains and tears I almost missed thanks to that. If I knew how to sew and trusted my stain remover skills I'd had gotten them as they were incredibly cool. But now, I tell myself how I will find more and is it worth it? So I do pass on these now. (Unless of course it's a Pucci or Chanel or something like that.)

Each thrift store had a great selection. One even had a "vintage section" and I thought " uh oh" but their prices were still reasonable. And, 50% off too.

I'm so excited I found this spot! I hit all 5 shops and I'm exhausted. But I didn't have to drive from one to the other and waste time and fuel.

 It's really cool to have discovered these.


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