Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thrift Stores Thinking They Are Antique Stores are OK with me

......................because they still miss the good stuff don't they ?  Well, at least what I consider good stuff. It's no secret I sell on eBay and if you know me or have read my other posts you know it's thrifting I love so much. eBay just makes it a perfect combo to buy all that good stuff I find.

Years back I tried to stop going to thrift stores because I was accumulating so much (I have a hard time not buying incredible finds) and it was a miserable experience. But I'm getting off track. We all know thrift stores have gotten in on the online selling business as they should. I go to the main Goodwill that runs their online auction site and I STILL find stuff. They don't know it all and quite frankly, what someone collects changes all the time.

I find though that when I do visit the "boutique" section of these thrift stores there really isn't anything I'm interested in. I suppose if I were an expert in antiques I might find some great gems but it's not usually the stuff I'm crazy about. So I wonder "out of the boutique" section in the dumps I guess they might view it as only to find my gems, ah, the pleasure of it all!

Here are some of my latest finds in the "non boutique" sections.  Can you see the yummy-ness in these stacks?

Can you all relate? What have you found?


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