Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling Creative and Thrift Stores Can Fill That Need

I'd say I'm a pretty creative person at heart. I think that's why I love selling on eBay as it does lend itself to be creative. Getting those listings together with what vintage clothing item I may have up for sale is a lot of fun.

But when I'm talking creative, I really mean to create something. I'm thinking decoupage of some sort. What I love about it is I can buy so many things at thrift stores as my crafting supplies. Those muumuu dresses that get passed up or dirty or torn dresses (or shirts or skirts, etc) are perfect to use as fabric. Same goes for sheets and towels. There's also boxes, art work and whatever else has a pattern you can cut into.

I also like the idea of clear glassware and decorating with glitter or costume jewelry. Place a votive inside and what a lovely gift. And all you thrift store lovers know how much clear glassware you can find at thrift stores.

What have you all done with  your creative needs. I'd love for you to share!


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