Monday, February 20, 2012

My Love of Pastis Meets Mid Century Modern - No Way !

I was in a funk the past couple of days (do you ever get like that?) and my wonderful hubby surprised me with a trip to Long Beach to shop at some incredible vintage shops and mid century modern shops. I was in heaven! The layout of the store was like one of those antique malls where everyone has their own space. Except this one was not crowded or junky at all. You know how some of those can be ? And everything was mid century modern. No old antique dusty tins or anything like that. (Not that I don't like those.)

You probably don't' know this but  I'm a huuuuuge fan of the drink Pernod. It is a French Pastis drink. Being French I grew up with this drink and it's something I look forward to every day. Just one glass. Nothing more. Incredibly refreshing and tastes yummy!  You do have to be a fan of black licorice though. So anyway, anyone that comes across Pernod always think of me. I get bottles for my birthday and Christmas. You get the gist yeah?

Well, yesterday while browsing in this shop, my eyes first laid eyes on this cool carafe. Um hello? The shape. The colors! Everything screamed mid century modern. It came with a set of cups that matched it. I didn't take photos sorry. This is a pottery piece and I think it was signed. Maybe you all recognize it?

Well the combo pack of pastis AND mid century modern was a shocker to me. A pleasant surprise. Did I buy it? I wish. The set was $149. Probably totally worthy (didn't know about the artist) but out of my budget this particular day. I'm sure I'll regret it one day.

But I just had to share. It's the first time I've come across such a piece, and well, it sure did help me out of my funk!


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