Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hi, my name is Brigitte and I'm addicted to Mid Century Modern

Okay, so as I look around my home I'm noticing more and more sleek line furniture, atomic this, boomerang that. Yeah I always loved it, was attracted to it and especially love to sell it.  But I kind of didn't notice how I'm slowly but surely transforming my own home into this era.

Not that this is a bad thing. But there's just something about it that pumps me up. The shapes, the colors (hello teal) and funky legs on furniture, I can see how collectors become collectors! I'm also jazzed about vintage barware. Me and the hubby entertain a lot so why not serve those fab cocktails in mid century modern style cocktail glasses? As a matter of fact I have some Dorothy Thorpe style Roly Polys up in my store now that might have to end up in my own cabinet.

Then there's the pottery. Oh dear. Well, I'm not too good at spotting collectible pottery. I can spot the shapes and styles alright but sometimes it looks like it might be something Aunt Martha made at the craft event. But if it's for me who cares right?

I'm wondering what you are all "accidentally" collecting now. Tell me I'm not alone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's That Time Again - 50% off Sale !

It's that time again where I'm clearing out inventory. In return I'm offering 50% off almost store wide. Come see if there is something just for you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mid Century Modern Swag Lucite Hanging Lamp For Sale

Of all the things I like to pick for, mid century modern items, especially mid century barware , are items that really get my blood pumpin'. Even if the item is not original and a repo or is just decorative to look like that era, I still just die when I'm able to get my hands on them. But original goods? The best!

Here is something I found about a month ago. It was so darn cool that it was one of those items where I can't decide if I want to keep for myself or not. I usually hang onto it for awhile and let my feelings do their thing. Usually having ownership for awhile and enjoying it in my possession for a little while will do the trick.

This is a hanging swag lamp made of lucite or fiberglass or something like that. It is teal green and teal blue with diamond shaped 3D sections. It's just way way cool.

I think there is a home out there where this is going to be amazing. Is it yours?


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