Friday, November 25, 2011

Gifts for that Special Someone - Collectibles are One of a Kind!

Collectibles are special, one of a kind and unexpected. Whether you use that special something to hold your gift or as the gift itself, it will be remembered for years to come.  Take a peak and see if you find that something special for your own special someone. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Was I dreaming?

Sorry if you have read this elsewhere online. It's quite the story that I have to share and all of you being my fellow thrift store junkies, I gotta make sure you hear about it!

The thrift store gods were shining upon me the other day.

I visited a Salvation Army I don't go to too often however Thursday is the day my house cleaner comes so I make a point to stay out while she is here with her team cleaning. So I didn't mind the drive. This SA also charges no sales tax which I love. They often have some sort of sale so it's a fave of mine.

After a basket full that is about to tip over (really) I decided to head towards a corner of the store to look over my things and run a total. I do that now as it's not uncommon to run up to $200 even with things on sale. I don't necessarily like to spend that much so I do a double take now and pick out the best of the best.

I was at $140 "including" the discounts so I thought I better stop. I hadn't even yet found the items during my walk to the counter. (I'm addicted I tell you.) So when I approach the counter with my very large mountain of stuff the guy says, "this is all yours?"......."yes" I say. "You have lots of clothing?"......."Yes" I say. He then says...........

"How about $20 for everything."

"Sure." I say. Calmly at that. Maybe I was in shock? Mind you underneath all the clothing I have tons of collectibles and purses and shoes and on and on.......

Apparently he reallllllly needed to go on a break. Or so it appeared? I felt bad. (Although I shouldn't, I didn't do anything wrong right?) But seeing how he had not seen anything else (not my problem?) I said, "How about $40 and you let me take this basket to my car and you don't have to pack it." He said, "Sure."

So you can only imagine how AWESOME this is!!! I still had tons of bags of clothes in the back from my clothing gal so luckily I could stuff the breakables in there or else I would have had a problem. Oh, and I got an old art print that has a Norman Rockwell look to it. $40 alone! Was gonna ask the sale price hoping I could afford it.

So yes I'm on cloud nine............
Has something like this ever happened to you?


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