Sunday, October 30, 2011

Selling Vintage Art Found in Thrift Stores

There always seems to be an art section at thrift stores. On the ground, in a big wood box or something like that. Do you ever look there? I've started to again because it appears, yours truly might just have the eye?

I don't know much about art but I do think I can spot a nice vintage piece. Or something that I might hang in Shabby Chic home or Mid Century Modern home.  It seems there are always those pastel 80s posters or those Tex Mex pottery posters. Sometimes I see some that I think are high quality and wish , oh darn, if I only knew?

My last phew trips I've picked an item here and there. Especially if they are signed. If I spot an older looking frame (even just beat up looking) I use that a guide to further explore the piece. Turns out I've done ok! Well, more than ok. I found a piece of art that I just thought was plain cool and it was signed. I researched and found the artist was someone worth mentioning. His name is Raoul Doufy and his art is called fauvism. I bought the piece for $5 and sold it for $100. Not bad right?

I also found two ballerina prints, very old style. Well done and signed. Sold those two for $100 also. Wow, maybe I should start hunting for art?

Have you found some cool art pieces lately? Do you browse that section? What kind of art do you like?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's your favorite section at thrift stores?

I don't think there is one section I do not peruse through at thrift stores. I used to pass up the hardware section and still am not crazy about electronics but I still visit them.

I find that there are treasures to be found in any section because people (including the volunteers that work there) will set something down just about anywhere. I love the "go back" rack of clothing.  Some gems found by others end up here a lot. They try things on and if they don't fit they sit there. I've found some good stuff there.

I used to hate the hardware section .  You know, where cables and outlet covers and cell phone cases are. But lately I've found some good stuff. I just recently found some old (but new in box) movie reel cases in teal blue. Yummy! I've seen some repro ones made for home decor go for a lot. But I've got the real thing. And in teal blue! I don't know how much they'll sell for but I'm sure someone will love them. The box is also to die. Sorry, no pic yet.

I also am on the lookout for bronze and brass items for the the steampunk craze.  If you are not aware of this craze you owe it to yourself to check it out. I also like to look for old alarm clocks or fondue sets. You always see those don't you? Rarely from the mid century though. Oh but I do find them.

What is your favorite section of thrift stores and why?


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