Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do we just have the eye friends?

I was reading a post on another forum the other day and there were some people commenting that thrift stores have dried up. Really? Of course it depends which ones we are referring to. I certainly disagree. Okay, thrift store lovers, have thrift stores dried up for you? Do we just have the eye or what? Maybe so?

I just dropped off 3 bags full of cheap vintage clothing to the gal that helps me which was a relief. My car gets filled up so quick! Well, guess what's in the back of my car as we speak? Yep, another 3 huge bags of vintage clothing. (And some bric-a-brac too!) I can't even afford all I find nor do I have the time.

I see some vintage sellers on eBay do amazing well (I don't do too bad if I do say so myself) but the difference I see is that they have live models. Oh how I do wish I did too. But more importantly than that I think they are just getting a lot of exposure. So, do I hire more hands to help get my listings up and get more eyeballs on those items? More sales means more cash means more buying at thrift stores.

Sorry friends, I sort of wandered away from the topic there but seriously, there are still plenty of awesome finds at thrift stores don't you think? Maybe not like before sure. One thing I can say for those of you that agree on the forum post I saw is that if you go to thrift stores when they first open, the pickings are fantastic! When I'm able to go first thing, I do. But you know what? That means having some serious cash on hand.

Great stuff is to be had friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I need more hands to get me there.

I just picked up the latest batch of vintage clothing from one of my assistants. About 56 items. Most are up, some are up this Thursday and more will be up Sunday.

Because of this huge batch I've been holding back from going to thrift stores. But I feel the withdrawal coming on already. I've mentioned how my passion is thrift stores and not selling right? Well, I gotta get my thrift store fix.

I'm so grateful for my assistant to keep me going with my business. But if I had more people to replicate what her and I have arranged, oh wow, I could REALLY be in business. But that's more man hours too. Which means more dollars out and oh my, I'm just one thrift store addicted gal for goodness sake! I'm surely no business making loads of cash. But which came first? The chicken or the egg. The funds for more help or more help to make more funds?

I dunno. But I've been slowly but surely kicking things up a notch. I'm getting the word out there the best I can while stayingt true to myself. It's hard to promote yourself, well, your business without seeming like....well...that you're self promoting!

There's a question a gal asks on a forum I frequent and that is, if you won the lotto, would you still eBay? My answer?,,,,,,, I may not eBay, but I would surely  thrift store!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My store is having a 4th of July sale including womens steampunk clothing

Hi friends, gosh haven't written in awhile. Way to many projects for one person. And yes I've been thrifting of course. Have you?

I've been trying my darndest (is that a word) to stay focused and not buy too much at thrift stores but how on earth can one pass up those treasures you find for pennies on the dollar?

My latest obsession is steampunk clothing. Primarily women's steampunk clothing. It's no secret this is a hot trend right now. I love the style. What's neat about it too is that there are no old pieces of steampunk clothing. There are old pieces of clothing that you put together to create the look. But unlike finding a 70s dress or vintage jeans or something like that, it's not like there were actual pieces of clothing that were steampunk back in the day.

Rather, people are creating fantastic outfits from Victorian style clothing and goth looking clothing as well.  Now I'm no expert on the topic. By no means. But I recognize the look and am now paying attention to the pieces of clothing I'm picking out.

I think of myself like a stylist. People need pieces for a certain look and I'm hunting for those pieces. I think people appreciate it. I mean eBay has tons of buyers coming directly to their site for that very reason. I'm now especially keen to Victorian looking blouses, black sheer lace blouses and that sort of style.

Are any of you into that style or are selling those types of pieces? I'd love to hear from ya!


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