Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm in a consignment store, sort of?

Hi friends! How are the thrift store finds and vintage life going?

My sister surprised me and offered me some space within her own space she has at a consignment store. It's in Bakersfield where they transformed the original Woolworths into an antique mall. Is that so cool or what? Never mind the nostalgia, I could on for days on that alone! (Like having a burger at the fountain in the back?)

I don't know if any of you have anything in an antique mall but those spaces can be really pricey. But how convenient right? I've always wanted to be able to grab my finds from my thrifting then pop them over to my space.  But that can get quite cluttered right? Nonetheless, I would so love it.

Anyway, my sister offers me a little bit of space so I decided to go for it. We decided on $40 a month for my area which I think is very reasonable. The store keeps 10% which I think is reasonable also.  I bought a rounder and it looks like this photo here.  Not sure if you can tell.  I have some vintage Levis on the shelf there and I have some retro bras in a basket above those. It's quite exciting for me I must say. I hope there will be some sales from this as I'd sure like to continue.

Do any of you have items in an antique mall? Do wish you did?

Friday, May 13, 2011

My new favorite thrift store

Do you have a favorite thrift store? Why is it your favorite? Well I've got one. And I never thought I would because it's all about what you find, not the ambiance right?

Well I've rediscovered the thrift store called Savers. Do you have one near you?  About 15 years ago I used to go to a Savers all the time near a town I used to live in. Well, not too long ago I decided to take a trip out there but they were no longer there! Fortunately I looked them up online first before making the trip. That is when I found out they had a brand new location that had just opened up. It was only a 20 minute drive from me.

I could not believe my eyes when I got there. It was the most organized thrift store I have ever seen. Actually, it was more organized than most regular stores! All their purses and wallets were hung on clips and individually priced. No tags were placed anywhere that damaged the item. Same with their scarves, ties and belts. They were all hung on clips and very nicely.

Then the bric-a-brac section impressed me too. There was a designated section for everything. Not just dinnerware here and baskets there. Each shelf was labeled "glasses", "mugs", "office", and so on. Moving on to the art work , they were all aligned on shelves and none were on the floor.

Their selection of clothing was incredible. I don't know where all the donations come from but besides the usual vintage clothing I usually look for, there were quite a bit of trendy labels and many of those with brand new tags. I bought tons of Bebe, Cache and Coldwater Creek items with original price tags still attached. Yes I am selling them UNLESS they fit me!

But here's the kicker.....not only do they have TWO colors on sale every day at 50% off but they have a rewards card that gives you special coupons including on your birthday. I had a stamp card with them that gave me 30% off my entire purchase too. If you donate items to them they also give you a 20% coupon. And not just off one item, it's off your entire purchase!

So you can see I'm pretty thrilled with this store. I'm giving them a lot of my business and am happy to do so.

If you want to see whether or not you have one near you, you can go to my business partners' site at The Thrift 

Make sure to come back and share your experience!


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