Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter ! Let's Have a Sale !

Hello and Happy Easter!

Easter for me means we're in full spring. It means cleaning up, purging old items, looking forward to summer.

So for me, that means , yep, an Easter Sale!  I've taking 50% off tons of items to make room for more. Maybe you'll find a treasure for you or that special someone?  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Warp Estate Sale I Attended.

Wow, what a dream come true I had to attend this estate sale. Not so much from being able to go to one (they're usually far from where I live) but because it truly was a time warp. That was actually the name of the estate sale.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to the 40s or 50s or so? I sure have. I've had dreams where I did that. Well guess what. This was about as close as doing that! This home had nothing , and I mean NOTHING in it that was from modern day. I don't even think it had anything from the 80s up? When I entered the home I immediately noticed that the TV was from the 50s. The kitchen looked like a studio prop. Really? They functioned with this old stuff? The cupboards were stocked with old Anchor Hocking items. The drawers with Bakelite utensils. The shelves had those insulated 50s mugs and oh I could go on!

I made my way to the bedroom where they were showcasing the clothing and again, all older clothing. It seemed most was picked through but oh, I always find something. I found some 50s slacks and was expecting them to be pricey as most everything was (that's the only downside to estate sales) but they gave them to me for $1 ! Crazy! I got home and just studied them in awe. I checked the pockets and there was a penny inside. 1960 was the date of the penny. Was that the last time these were worn? wow.....

I made my way to the second bedroom. It was small. This was the woman's room or the sewing room perhaps. The dresser was filled with older perfumes, art deco clocks and lace. Sigh, what a great day.

I did get away with a few items. I got a bunch of ephemera at 25c each. I got about 30 of those. I should have offered $50 for the whole box but there was so much more to see! This person saved it all. I have a recipe book with an art nouveau design on it dated 1901. Crazy!

It's always weird to go through someone else's things. Especially in a setting like this. That's the weird part of estate sales. But I can tell you I respect it, I enjoy it, I treasure it and appreciate it.

What a great day!


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