Friday, January 21, 2011

Eames Era Retro Poodle Wall Art - To Die!

Hi everyone! How's all the thrifting going ?

So I was looking over this blog to look for some old articles for a friend and stumbled upon an article on a poodle and reminded me of the most awesome poodle I have up on eBay that I found at a thrift store. Take a look at this treasure! This is a screen shot of the auction instead of the actual auction because they expire and won't show up after awhile.

Anyway, is this the cutest or what? These are the types of things I'm always hoping to find and when I do I'm thrilled! It was at a goodwill and just sitting on a shelf all by itself. Did the thrift store gods place it there for me? I mean seriously, how could this get passed up?  And get what friends, it was the 50% off color! Woo hoo! So it was half of $5.99. Yes! And the diagonal shape of the wood it's on makes it even more cool.

I took it home and you better believe I walked around my house seeing if it could fit in anywhere. I lived with it for a bit, as I always do, and loved it and cherished it. And then I decided to pass it onto the retro poodle lovers out there. It's up for auction as we speak in my store at 

But as some of you know, it's not about the profit I make, it's just the fact that I FOUND IT! I rescued it and am going to get it into the hands of someone who will love it even more.

I have of course found other items but this one is one that really brings a smile to my face. So have any of you gone thrifting? What have you found and what makes your heart pump?

Till next time........


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