Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Resolution - Hit Thrift Stores When They Open!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I have a love hate relationship with this holiday. I love love love this time of year. I love decorating. Wrapping presents. Baking treats. Shopping for gifts and hearing holiday music. The new coffee drinks that come out. But I soooooo love it when it's over. Can any of you relate?

I also don't do the resolution thing. However one thing I do want to do is make it a habit to hit thrift stores when they first open. When I'm able to do that it's amazing at the selection of treasures that are being placed on the shelf. I forget about it a lot as my thrifting is usually a spontaneous thing or when I need my fix.

My eBay business is doing really well and I'd really like to bump it up a bit with having some great treasures to offer everyone.

When I do hear back from my buyers it's so appreciated because they let me know how this item they've purchased from me made their day, their friend's day, their teachers day,etc. It definitely helps me stay focused and not let the negative haters out there bring me down.

So 2012 will not see a decline in thrifting from me. I just hope I can keep up with myself!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thrift Store Finds on the Cheap to Decorate for the Holidays

Hi everyone, for those of you that love to decorate for the holidays, I've got some great cheap tips for you. You can use these tips all year round really.

How many of you thrift shoppers see tons and tons of vases at thrift shops. I know I do. What about wine and champagne glasses? Well try these tips.

1. Get some glass ornaments at either a thrift shop (they have tons out this time of year) or from bargain stores and fill a glass vase with them. It's instant sparkle that looks elegant and expensive. You can fill a bowl with ornaments also.

2. Buy a string of glass or plastic beads from either a TS or bargain store and place the entire string (or what will fit) into some wine or champagne glasses. Any type of clear glass actually. Get different heights and different color beads for a really great look. I do this all the time and get loads of compliments.

3. Teacups. See if you can find teacups (chipped is perfectly fine) with red and green colors and fill them with candy or candles.

4. Christmas linens. (tablecloth, place-mats, napkins, towels,etc) and cut them to fit a frame which you can also find in a thrift store. Temporarily change out your art work with these holiday themed prints.

5. Christmas Cards. While not exactly a decoration, it's a great tip. A lot of thrift stores will get overstock of Christmas cards and while you might not be into the cards themselves as your own cards to send out, buy them for the purpose of cutting them up into small squares and use as gift tags. Use the side with the blank reverse side.

Hopefully these ideas got your own imagination going. Do you have some tips you'd like to share? I'd sure love to hear them.

Merry Christmas!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Gifts for that Special Someone - Collectibles are One of a Kind!

Collectibles are special, one of a kind and unexpected. Whether you use that special something to hold your gift or as the gift itself, it will be remembered for years to come.  Take a peak and see if you find that something special for your own special someone. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Was I dreaming?

Sorry if you have read this elsewhere online. It's quite the story that I have to share and all of you being my fellow thrift store junkies, I gotta make sure you hear about it!

The thrift store gods were shining upon me the other day.

I visited a Salvation Army I don't go to too often however Thursday is the day my house cleaner comes so I make a point to stay out while she is here with her team cleaning. So I didn't mind the drive. This SA also charges no sales tax which I love. They often have some sort of sale so it's a fave of mine.

After a basket full that is about to tip over (really) I decided to head towards a corner of the store to look over my things and run a total. I do that now as it's not uncommon to run up to $200 even with things on sale. I don't necessarily like to spend that much so I do a double take now and pick out the best of the best.

I was at $140 "including" the discounts so I thought I better stop. I hadn't even yet found the items during my walk to the counter. (I'm addicted I tell you.) So when I approach the counter with my very large mountain of stuff the guy says, "this is all yours?"......."yes" I say. "You have lots of clothing?"......."Yes" I say. He then says...........

"How about $20 for everything."

"Sure." I say. Calmly at that. Maybe I was in shock? Mind you underneath all the clothing I have tons of collectibles and purses and shoes and on and on.......

Apparently he reallllllly needed to go on a break. Or so it appeared? I felt bad. (Although I shouldn't, I didn't do anything wrong right?) But seeing how he had not seen anything else (not my problem?) I said, "How about $40 and you let me take this basket to my car and you don't have to pack it." He said, "Sure."

So you can only imagine how AWESOME this is!!! I still had tons of bags of clothes in the back from my clothing gal so luckily I could stuff the breakables in there or else I would have had a problem. Oh, and I got an old art print that has a Norman Rockwell look to it. $40 alone! Was gonna ask the sale price hoping I could afford it.

So yes I'm on cloud nine............
Has something like this ever happened to you?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Selling Vintage Art Found in Thrift Stores

There always seems to be an art section at thrift stores. On the ground, in a big wood box or something like that. Do you ever look there? I've started to again because it appears, yours truly might just have the eye?

I don't know much about art but I do think I can spot a nice vintage piece. Or something that I might hang in Shabby Chic home or Mid Century Modern home.  It seems there are always those pastel 80s posters or those Tex Mex pottery posters. Sometimes I see some that I think are high quality and wish , oh darn, if I only knew?

My last phew trips I've picked an item here and there. Especially if they are signed. If I spot an older looking frame (even just beat up looking) I use that a guide to further explore the piece. Turns out I've done ok! Well, more than ok. I found a piece of art that I just thought was plain cool and it was signed. I researched and found the artist was someone worth mentioning. His name is Raoul Doufy and his art is called fauvism. I bought the piece for $5 and sold it for $100. Not bad right?

I also found two ballerina prints, very old style. Well done and signed. Sold those two for $100 also. Wow, maybe I should start hunting for art?

Have you found some cool art pieces lately? Do you browse that section? What kind of art do you like?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's your favorite section at thrift stores?

I don't think there is one section I do not peruse through at thrift stores. I used to pass up the hardware section and still am not crazy about electronics but I still visit them.

I find that there are treasures to be found in any section because people (including the volunteers that work there) will set something down just about anywhere. I love the "go back" rack of clothing.  Some gems found by others end up here a lot. They try things on and if they don't fit they sit there. I've found some good stuff there.

I used to hate the hardware section .  You know, where cables and outlet covers and cell phone cases are. But lately I've found some good stuff. I just recently found some old (but new in box) movie reel cases in teal blue. Yummy! I've seen some repro ones made for home decor go for a lot. But I've got the real thing. And in teal blue! I don't know how much they'll sell for but I'm sure someone will love them. The box is also to die. Sorry, no pic yet.

I also am on the lookout for bronze and brass items for the the steampunk craze.  If you are not aware of this craze you owe it to yourself to check it out. I also like to look for old alarm clocks or fondue sets. You always see those don't you? Rarely from the mid century though. Oh but I do find them.

What is your favorite section of thrift stores and why?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You Thrift Stores for Being My Therapy

Strolling through thrift stores and going down memory lane is nothing new to me. But for some reason this past visit to one of my favorite TS resonated more than usual.  

I always see appliances and dinnerware still in their box and usually the photos are from the 70s. The image is a woman holding that (insert item) in her kitchen or living room and it takes me back. Wayyyyy back ! I get "that feeling" like for a moment in time, I'm really back in the 70s!

I move on to the clothing and I see blouses that remind me of the cafeteria lady. Or my 3rd grade teacher. My mom when she was cleaning the kitchen. Moving on to the linens I see bed sheets are so 80s. Being the youngest of 8 children I spent a lot of time with my older brothers and sisters. Many of which had their own home. I remember my sister having this 80s sheet set. (80s reference now, not then) and I saw that set at the TS! Flash! I'm back in 7th grade and it's so weird. But in a cool way!

It's my therapy ya know. I'm in my own world in thrift stores. I don't mind being interrupted though. But only by others in the thrift stores or the volunteers. They're "in my world" there.

So when I'm even older, will I be flashing back to current times or still to the 70s and 80s? What will something from today look like in the future?

Who can relate to me? I'd love to hear your stories.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do we just have the eye friends?

I was reading a post on another forum the other day and there were some people commenting that thrift stores have dried up. Really? Of course it depends which ones we are referring to. I certainly disagree. Okay, thrift store lovers, have thrift stores dried up for you? Do we just have the eye or what? Maybe so?

I just dropped off 3 bags full of cheap vintage clothing to the gal that helps me which was a relief. My car gets filled up so quick! Well, guess what's in the back of my car as we speak? Yep, another 3 huge bags of vintage clothing. (And some bric-a-brac too!) I can't even afford all I find nor do I have the time.

I see some vintage sellers on eBay do amazing well (I don't do too bad if I do say so myself) but the difference I see is that they have live models. Oh how I do wish I did too. But more importantly than that I think they are just getting a lot of exposure. So, do I hire more hands to help get my listings up and get more eyeballs on those items? More sales means more cash means more buying at thrift stores.

Sorry friends, I sort of wandered away from the topic there but seriously, there are still plenty of awesome finds at thrift stores don't you think? Maybe not like before sure. One thing I can say for those of you that agree on the forum post I saw is that if you go to thrift stores when they first open, the pickings are fantastic! When I'm able to go first thing, I do. But you know what? That means having some serious cash on hand.

Great stuff is to be had friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I need more hands to get me there.

I just picked up the latest batch of vintage clothing from one of my assistants. About 56 items. Most are up, some are up this Thursday and more will be up Sunday.

Because of this huge batch I've been holding back from going to thrift stores. But I feel the withdrawal coming on already. I've mentioned how my passion is thrift stores and not selling right? Well, I gotta get my thrift store fix.

I'm so grateful for my assistant to keep me going with my business. But if I had more people to replicate what her and I have arranged, oh wow, I could REALLY be in business. But that's more man hours too. Which means more dollars out and oh my, I'm just one thrift store addicted gal for goodness sake! I'm surely no business making loads of cash. But which came first? The chicken or the egg. The funds for more help or more help to make more funds?

I dunno. But I've been slowly but surely kicking things up a notch. I'm getting the word out there the best I can while stayingt true to myself. It's hard to promote yourself, well, your business without seeming like....well...that you're self promoting!

There's a question a gal asks on a forum I frequent and that is, if you won the lotto, would you still eBay? My answer?,,,,,,, I may not eBay, but I would surely  thrift store!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My store is having a 4th of July sale including womens steampunk clothing

Hi friends, gosh haven't written in awhile. Way to many projects for one person. And yes I've been thrifting of course. Have you?

I've been trying my darndest (is that a word) to stay focused and not buy too much at thrift stores but how on earth can one pass up those treasures you find for pennies on the dollar?

My latest obsession is steampunk clothing. Primarily women's steampunk clothing. It's no secret this is a hot trend right now. I love the style. What's neat about it too is that there are no old pieces of steampunk clothing. There are old pieces of clothing that you put together to create the look. But unlike finding a 70s dress or vintage jeans or something like that, it's not like there were actual pieces of clothing that were steampunk back in the day.

Rather, people are creating fantastic outfits from Victorian style clothing and goth looking clothing as well.  Now I'm no expert on the topic. By no means. But I recognize the look and am now paying attention to the pieces of clothing I'm picking out.

I think of myself like a stylist. People need pieces for a certain look and I'm hunting for those pieces. I think people appreciate it. I mean eBay has tons of buyers coming directly to their site for that very reason. I'm now especially keen to Victorian looking blouses, black sheer lace blouses and that sort of style.

Are any of you into that style or are selling those types of pieces? I'd love to hear from ya!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm in a consignment store, sort of?

Hi friends! How are the thrift store finds and vintage life going?

My sister surprised me and offered me some space within her own space she has at a consignment store. It's in Bakersfield where they transformed the original Woolworths into an antique mall. Is that so cool or what? Never mind the nostalgia, I could on for days on that alone! (Like having a burger at the fountain in the back?)

I don't know if any of you have anything in an antique mall but those spaces can be really pricey. But how convenient right? I've always wanted to be able to grab my finds from my thrifting then pop them over to my space.  But that can get quite cluttered right? Nonetheless, I would so love it.

Anyway, my sister offers me a little bit of space so I decided to go for it. We decided on $40 a month for my area which I think is very reasonable. The store keeps 10% which I think is reasonable also.  I bought a rounder and it looks like this photo here.  Not sure if you can tell.  I have some vintage Levis on the shelf there and I have some retro bras in a basket above those. It's quite exciting for me I must say. I hope there will be some sales from this as I'd sure like to continue.

Do any of you have items in an antique mall? Do wish you did?

Friday, May 13, 2011

My new favorite thrift store

Do you have a favorite thrift store? Why is it your favorite? Well I've got one. And I never thought I would because it's all about what you find, not the ambiance right?

Well I've rediscovered the thrift store called Savers. Do you have one near you?  About 15 years ago I used to go to a Savers all the time near a town I used to live in. Well, not too long ago I decided to take a trip out there but they were no longer there! Fortunately I looked them up online first before making the trip. That is when I found out they had a brand new location that had just opened up. It was only a 20 minute drive from me.

I could not believe my eyes when I got there. It was the most organized thrift store I have ever seen. Actually, it was more organized than most regular stores! All their purses and wallets were hung on clips and individually priced. No tags were placed anywhere that damaged the item. Same with their scarves, ties and belts. They were all hung on clips and very nicely.

Then the bric-a-brac section impressed me too. There was a designated section for everything. Not just dinnerware here and baskets there. Each shelf was labeled "glasses", "mugs", "office", and so on. Moving on to the art work , they were all aligned on shelves and none were on the floor.

Their selection of clothing was incredible. I don't know where all the donations come from but besides the usual vintage clothing I usually look for, there were quite a bit of trendy labels and many of those with brand new tags. I bought tons of Bebe, Cache and Coldwater Creek items with original price tags still attached. Yes I am selling them UNLESS they fit me!

But here's the kicker.....not only do they have TWO colors on sale every day at 50% off but they have a rewards card that gives you special coupons including on your birthday. I had a stamp card with them that gave me 30% off my entire purchase too. If you donate items to them they also give you a 20% coupon. And not just off one item, it's off your entire purchase!

So you can see I'm pretty thrilled with this store. I'm giving them a lot of my business and am happy to do so.

If you want to see whether or not you have one near you, you can go to my business partners' site at The Thrift 

Make sure to come back and share your experience!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter ! Let's Have a Sale !

Hello and Happy Easter!

Easter for me means we're in full spring. It means cleaning up, purging old items, looking forward to summer.

So for me, that means , yep, an Easter Sale!  I've taking 50% off tons of items to make room for more. Maybe you'll find a treasure for you or that special someone?  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Warp Estate Sale I Attended.

Wow, what a dream come true I had to attend this estate sale. Not so much from being able to go to one (they're usually far from where I live) but because it truly was a time warp. That was actually the name of the estate sale.

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to the 40s or 50s or so? I sure have. I've had dreams where I did that. Well guess what. This was about as close as doing that! This home had nothing , and I mean NOTHING in it that was from modern day. I don't even think it had anything from the 80s up? When I entered the home I immediately noticed that the TV was from the 50s. The kitchen looked like a studio prop. Really? They functioned with this old stuff? The cupboards were stocked with old Anchor Hocking items. The drawers with Bakelite utensils. The shelves had those insulated 50s mugs and oh I could go on!

I made my way to the bedroom where they were showcasing the clothing and again, all older clothing. It seemed most was picked through but oh, I always find something. I found some 50s slacks and was expecting them to be pricey as most everything was (that's the only downside to estate sales) but they gave them to me for $1 ! Crazy! I got home and just studied them in awe. I checked the pockets and there was a penny inside. 1960 was the date of the penny. Was that the last time these were worn? wow.....

I made my way to the second bedroom. It was small. This was the woman's room or the sewing room perhaps. The dresser was filled with older perfumes, art deco clocks and lace. Sigh, what a great day.

I did get away with a few items. I got a bunch of ephemera at 25c each. I got about 30 of those. I should have offered $50 for the whole box but there was so much more to see! This person saved it all. I have a recipe book with an art nouveau design on it dated 1901. Crazy!

It's always weird to go through someone else's things. Especially in a setting like this. That's the weird part of estate sales. But I can tell you I respect it, I enjoy it, I treasure it and appreciate it.

What a great day!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I goofed on my eBay sale so take advantage of it!

Hi friends. I know I know, why the slow posts? Well, I've picked up the pace on thrifting AND my eBay selling is on overdrive. Stuff everywhere and have been focusing on organizing. But gosh, I have some great things to show you. Many not listed yet.

But today I went to place my eBay store on sale at a crazy 75% off  for "certain" items to move inventory. And yikes!........tons of things went on sale I did not plan to. I mean some things are a couple of bucks only for goodness sakes? I called eBay and they said I'd have to end my sale and start over as there was a glitch. Oh geez......and in that few minutes, 3 things sold! So I said what the heck, I'll let it play out.

So why am I telling you this? To take advantage of it of course! haha. Might as well make it worth my while.

Want to help me out and find a deal at the same time? Go see what you can find friends at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Eames Era Retro Poodle Wall Art - To Die!

Hi everyone! How's all the thrifting going ?

So I was looking over this blog to look for some old articles for a friend and stumbled upon an article on a poodle and reminded me of the most awesome poodle I have up on eBay that I found at a thrift store. Take a look at this treasure! This is a screen shot of the auction instead of the actual auction because they expire and won't show up after awhile.

Anyway, is this the cutest or what? These are the types of things I'm always hoping to find and when I do I'm thrilled! It was at a goodwill and just sitting on a shelf all by itself. Did the thrift store gods place it there for me? I mean seriously, how could this get passed up?  And get what friends, it was the 50% off color! Woo hoo! So it was half of $5.99. Yes! And the diagonal shape of the wood it's on makes it even more cool.

I took it home and you better believe I walked around my house seeing if it could fit in anywhere. I lived with it for a bit, as I always do, and loved it and cherished it. And then I decided to pass it onto the retro poodle lovers out there. It's up for auction as we speak in my store at 

But as some of you know, it's not about the profit I make, it's just the fact that I FOUND IT! I rescued it and am going to get it into the hands of someone who will love it even more.

I have of course found other items but this one is one that really brings a smile to my face. So have any of you gone thrifting? What have you found and what makes your heart pump?

Till next time........


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