Thursday, December 23, 2010

So much vintage, such little time!

Hi everyone! Wow, are you all as busy as I am?

So the set up I have with having an eBay assistant is just wonderful! I am listing more than I ever have. I've had the highest sales than ever and it's really all because I have constant listings going up. The way eBay's algorithm works is that the more you sell the higher they place your searches thus the more you might sell and so on and so on. (There's more to the algorithm than this though.)  Again, this is  thanks to having an assistant. Of course this also means I can shop at thrift stores on overdrive. Bad thing? Well no, it's nice to know I can stock up and have a plan for what to do with it all (goes to my assistant.) But then again, I only have one assistant not five ! Boy do I fill up fast!

I have found some things I never thought I would. I'm pretty excited about this recent auction. I write in my book about keeping an eye out for peep toe shoes. So many people have said "don't bother." Really? That's silly. Are they easily found? Well no but come on now, you never know what will pop up! I ALWAYS
search for 40s peep toes shoes. I always have and gosh darn it, I found them! And of all places, at Goodwill! You hardly see these there. If so, they have them behind a case but I have never seen them there either! I guess I got there in time. Here's my $6 shoe auction...........

Of course I'm excited about my great profit but really, my thrill is in finding them and having someone be just as excited about them too. What a thrill!

How about this vintage policeman's jacket. Talon zipper, tons of compartments and like new condition. Wow, how lucky! Again, at GW of all places. This one cost me $8, more than I like to spend but I knew I could make a profit. Here it is..........

I could go on and on with some of my great finds. It's just the thrill of my life to capture these treasures, make them mine for a little while and then send them on their way to other collectors. Most of my items are from Goodwill because I have one right down the street and so when the mood hits I can pop right over. And they close at 9pm! Remember, Goodwill is practically synonymous with donating so when people donate they think of GW. 

What have you all found? I'd love to hear. I'll share more for sure. If you want to see some of my recent treasures  you can look at my current or completed items in my eBay store found at MyNiftyThrifty.

Til next time, oh and Merry Christmas!!!!


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