Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thrift Store Finds - Bright Colors and Sparkles!

Hello everyone! Wow, has it really been 1 1/2 months since I posted? Shame on me.  It's just that I've been such a busy gal! Yes thrifting but so many other things too.

However I finally hired an assitant and it's been great. She's doing all my measuring and photo taking for me and it's just such a huge help!

Here is a bin of some sweaters I'm getting ready to give her. From what you can see are they just gorgeous or what? I hit the motherload of sequins sweaters (one of my faves and best sellers) at a thrift store recently. They weren't that cheap, at least what I consider cheap so I picked out the best of the best and am happy with that selection.

I'm just such a sucker for sparkles! I think most gals are. In this batch I have a tuquoise colored sweater with a peakcock on it with loads of sequins and beads on its feathers. Isn't it awesome? Well, I think so anyway. To the left of that is a major heavily beaded and sequined crop jacket. There are more underneath but these two colors together were so pretty I had to take a photo. These items always catch my eye in thrift stores.

The next photo is of my credenza where I lay things out so I don't forget about them. Okay yes, I sort of lay them out as though my office is my own little antique store.  Here I have some really neat stuff.  It's very shabby chic style isn't ? Some owls in there. One is a lamp. The other is a small bank. There is a round wood plate in pink all decoupaged with angels and gold trim. Ugh! Stunning. A framed print of vintage paris also in shabby chic colors. A vintage copper coffee tin and some vintage dishware.

I so enjoy finding these items and making them mine for just a little while. How about you? What have you found lately? Let me know!

Until next time!.........


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