Thursday, August 26, 2010

My latest finds - so cool!

Hello friends, what have you all found at thrift stores lately?  Well I've have found some really fun stuff!

What I especially love is once I get home and group my items together, they are even more awesome. For some reason when they're grouped together they look better. Kind of like bedding. Once you throw all the pieces and patterns together the end result is really nice.

I found this eames era (I love eames era!) warming pot. There is a candle on the bottom base. Great shape. Super cool! I actually keep forgetting about it. I need to list it asap! It was pricey for me at $9.99 but I think I can get almost $50 for it.

I found this fanstastic old framed print of what looks to me like part Indian girl part pin up girl. I couldn't resist it at $4. I think a lot of different genres will like her.

Lastly here is a grouping of some items I'm getting ready to photo and list.  A cool plastic coffee canister. Love love love the colors and art deco font. You see a glass HON or Hen on Nest. Those sell really well. I think it was $3 or so.

You can see tinkerbell in the background there. A stack of dishes that were 25 cents and then half off! Hello! I've got some old fashioned advertising and so much more. I have so much to do but in the meantime, I'm really enjoying owning these for just a little bit anyway.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't you love sales at thrift stores?

Hi friends, I haven't posted in awhile because I've got a million things going on.  One of those things you are going to just love. My business partner and I will be bringing you every thrift store in the country to your home! Yep, more details to come later!

Well I visited my parents in Santa Barbara last weekend for my father's birthday and rarely have time to go to thrift stores. I'm there for them and not shopping. But I decided to leave a bit early and take a sneaky trip. Ssssh, hopefully no one tells them!

I went to a store I rarely get to frequent and was pleasantly surprised to find the store front painted with sale signs. I took a photo because it's the best sale I've every seen at a thrift store I think.  3 for 1 ! wow ! I did so well as far as not going overboard.
My new technique is to visualize where I'm going to put this item. And it works! haha.

Of course I'm reselling most of what I buy but I don't quite get the chance to get around to listing as often as I'd like and so items are stacked up in my office. I can't stand clutter (except in thrift stores) so this is a good motivator for me.  But I did still find some goodies.

Now if I can only find a thrift store where they have "bag days."  I haven't run across them in awhile. What about you? Do your thrift stores have great sales? How do you resist?

Until next time...............


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