Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow, isn't this gorgeous?

Hello friends, wow I'm a roll lately.

Everything I find in thrift stores I love. I naturally gravitate towards things I find an interest in. You all know I sell on eBay and that I've blended my passion for finding vintage items in thrift stores with selling online. In the early days I used to keep everything because, well, I loved it and couldn't just leave those treasures sitting there. Especially for a dollar or two. (I know you can all relate.) I then turned to buying things for friends. Then eventually came along eBay and now I've got the best of both worlds.

So to keep treasures is rare for me. Don't get me wrong,  if something fantastic came along it would probably not leave my home.  My previous post talked about that table I found and kept. Well, this time I found this beautiful gold leaf Florentine style picture frame sort of a thing with religious prints in it. Isn't it beautiful? I just love the rose with the gold. Very shabby chic, very Victorian, very soft goth (my own word.)

When I spotted it I fell in love. I bought it to sell but quickly decided I would keep it. It was $4.99 which is high for a thrift store in my opinion but it was worth it. What do you all think? It's been a while since I've been this excited of a treasure (a week? lol)

What have you all found lately? What do you have that  you won't let go of?

Monday, July 12, 2010

I actually kept something for me!

Hi friends. Boy I've been a thrifting fool lately. I know I know, what's new. Seriously though, I've been going and going and going finding some really cool stuff.

We have a guest in our home this week and not wanting to leave her behind I asked if she wanted to go to a thrift store with me cuz I sure wasn't gonna stop doing that! She said, "Well I've never been to a thrift store."  "WHAT ?!?"  Wow! So I took her along. I don't think she quite saw the excitement in it like I did. I guess you gotta be one of those type of people. Like all of us right? lol

So I rarely buy anything for myself. The things that I buy to sell usually make me feel like they are mine for a little while. (well they are.) But just when I was going to skip the furniture department I saw this table out of the corner of my eye. It's much cuter in person. Took this on my cell phone. But it's really retro like the Eames Era stuff that I just love. It was on sale for $20. SOLD!  I haven't yet found where I'm going to put it. If I have to toss something else out I sure will.

I do keep things sometimes.  I bought this cherry pie ceramic dish which is so cute! I placed in my kitchen with the intention of keeping it but knew it would get chipped and forgotten about. So I've decided to sell it. It's here if you want to take a peek. Isn't it adorable?

So other than that, trying to get all my listing done for eBay. I can't keep thrifting without also selling. My office is looking like a thrift store itself!.......................and I love it!


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