Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This girl's gotta forum. Would you like to join me?

Hello fellow thrifters!  Guess who's added more to her plate? Yes, that'd be me.

I had an experience several months back on a forum on a popular auction site and the ladies were very nasty. So nasty they tried to sabotage my account!  I was quite surprised! What happened to the support that a forum is usually for? Funny how people can act "behind" a monitor isn't it?

Well add that with all the questions I get from my readers of my book and the result was my own forum which can be found here.

How are we supposed to learn anything if the responses are negative? We don't know it all!  And this online world is big enough for all of us.

So the birth of my forum is here. I'm sure they'll be some bumps in the road but hey, we're human. We're gonna talk about thrifting, selling and so much more. A real good time.

I'd love for you all to joins us!

See you over there!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My latest fun finds

Hi everyone, I've got some fun stuff to show you from my latest trip. I'm really trying to keep up with myself as far as listing the items that I find as I've been on a roll lately. There is a GW not too far from me (well about 30 minutes) that is not as crazy on the prices as some of the ones out there.  However that makes for a lot of buying.

I have the funkiest boots in real leather and snakeskin. They're from France and very shagadelic! haha. I think someone will really like those. They were $7.99. I found some vintage fabric in some funky 60s designs that I think someone will definitely love.  Those were only $1.25 for each section. Over a yard each. I have some vintage plastic tumblers with strawberries on them. All four were under $2. And some other fun finds. A sequins box purse for $3.99. A wooden carved tiki statue for $5.99 and a metal teacup by Mary Engelbrecht.

The funky faces in the back is a mug and salt and pepper set I'm selling for my brother. They go for quite a bit on eBay and so he's letting them go. That should be fun.

As we speak I've just packaged up 6 items and packaged 7 a few days ago. Sales aren't bad at all. But as you know the inventory builds faster than the sales! That's okay though. That's why I got an eBay store to park the inventory that does not sell in regular auction. Store sales aren't bad either.

I'm curious to know what the rest of you have found in your latest hunts. Do share! I'd love to see.

Until next time, I now gotta take photos and list my heart away.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

For you sellers, do you ever forget that YOU might like what you find?

Hi friends, I'm sitting here at my desk doing some eBay listings and as I'm about to put up a lovely sequined top I thought, "Hey, this is really cool. I would love to wear this!"  So I went to try it on and darn it, doesn't fit. Oh well, I bought it to sell anyway.

But I have to say, I do that a lot. I'll post something up and realize I would love it for myself. Now I don't mean like how I "used" to be with stuff everywhere. I mean genuine nice things I could use in my home or pieces of clothing I could wear out with my honey.  Do any of you do that? What have you kept and what are the latest?

A lot of you have some really great blogs with some wonderful finds. Can you imagine if we all had to share a home? Oh my! Of course that's silly thinking isn't it but gosh, this stuff really does accumulate quickly. I'm trying really hard to be tough on myself when I find things. This is the reason I've been wanting a space in an antique or craft mall lately. So many people advise me against it and I understand why. It's why I've never done it. The cost alone would eat up any profit if at all. Oh but it would be so nice to have a place to take my finds and simply place them on a shelf for sale.

Okay, enough dreaming, back to work!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ties, Ties, Everywhere Ties!

Hi friends! Who's been thrifting?   One of the things I love to hunt for are vintage ties. Designer ties too. They sell really well. Right now as we speak I'm looking at a pile on my desk of about 25 ties. Some designer, some vintage, some skinny ties, etc. I've just taken photos and am now about to get them onto eBay.  Finally!

Ties are usually pretty cheap. GW has gotten more expensive with them being around $4 each. I suppose that's still not bad. Especially if you find a vintage one. But ideally, I love the thrift stores that sell them for $1.99 and 99 cents.  The vintage ones are not always that easy to spot out as the patterns are retro looking as it is. But there are definitely some differences if you know what to look for. I once found a tie with a hula girl pin up on it for $1.99. I knew it'd sell but had no idea it would sell for $70 ! That was fun!

I found some gorgeous ties by Rush Limbaugh and was happy to find that those sell like crazy. They're really gorgeous. You'll have to look them up and see for yourself. They are true art.

So I'll be listing them and see what happens. They pile up really easily as one here and one there leads to a whole bunch. And my stuff has got to sell or my thrifting has to slow down. That makes for an unhappy me.

What do you all like to hunt for?


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