Friday, April 30, 2010

I thrift so much I've had to hire help!

Hello everyone, how's all of your thrifting going? Mine is going well of course. 

Most of you know I resell my thrift store finds on eBay and I must say, I do pass up quite a bit of items. I could easily open a store of my own only selling thrift store items and still have the prices be low. I suppose the skill I have is in finding those gems. One thing that I do pass up a lot of the time is name brand clothing. Not so much the higher end designers like Chanel or Dior (of course I would buy those!) but items like Chico's, Coldwater Creek, Talbot's and the like. I see clothes from those stores all the time. If I'm not sure of the demand then I don't buy them. But gosh when the tag is only $1.99 it's oh so tempting. However if I gave in, I'd be way too overwhelmed taking away all the fun.

eBay of course allows me to resell which is what I talk about all the time. But still, having a full time job and THEN coming home to do all of the eBay work, well, I don't want to burn myself out. I did that several years ago. I sold for about 5 years straight when I just needed a break. That break , which was for 3 years by the way, felt really good. BUT! I limited my thrift store shopping big time. Almost to a halt. I realized after awhile how unhappy I was. So I went back to eBay selling but this time, I organized myself with an office, clothing rack, supplies, etc. What a difference!

Fast forward to last week. I had one of those "duh" moments. I thought if I could only find someone to do the eBay work for me, I could be the shopper. I mean, that's what I'm good at. I could split the profits and we'd all be happy right? Well in came "eBay Trading Assistants."  Why on earth didn't I think of this before? After some back and forth emails I now have someone that sells only hawaiian shirts for me (and new eBay ID as well under "justhawaiianshirts",clever eh) and I have another gal selling some vintage items I can't get too.

I'm hoping I've got something good starting here. If I had my dream I'd have tons of people selling for me with me supplying the inventory. Hm? I think I have another idea!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super successful shopping trip!

Hi friends, any of you thrift lately? Last time I chatted with you I showed you the vintage cake holder I found that I had already found once before? On this same trip I also found some other really cool items that were high quality I thought.

You'll see I placed them all together and they look as though they could be a setting from an antique store. The mirror tray they are all on is for me to keep. yay! I've actually been looking for one of these for awhile now. I see them a lot but not this large of a size. And when I do they are really expensive for some reason.

This did not have a tag and I was praying that when I got to the counter it would be less than $10. I told the gal I was spending over $50 and to give me a deal (hey you can try) and she gave it to me for $4.99. SOLD!

So on the tray in the center is a black and white photo from I don't know whom. The frame is what caught my eye. It is VERY art deco isn't it? It is made of a hard cardboard. It was behind a case for $6. I actually put it back as I thought $6 was a lot.  I then went back and grabbed it, I couldn't resist.

I also found some red hobnail like candy dishes that might be Fenton, I don't know. But they were only $2.99 each so I grabbed those. I also found a gravy boat with strawberries on it that I think someone will love and that was also $2.99. The sugar dish on the right is a Franciscan dish in perfect condition and that was $1.99. The box in the back is stationary in a shabby chic theme ,very pretty and was only 75 cents.

Isn't the entire ensemble together really pretty? So some items are for me but most are for sale. I have a gal selling for me now so we'll see how it all goes.

What have you all found lately? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Found the same vintage item twice ! Wow!

Hi friends,

Went super crazy yesterday at some thrift stores. It wasn't a "planned" trip. My fiance and I were meeting for dinner after work and I needed to kill some time as he gets off of work later than me. Ah, kill time. How shall I do this?  (I know, I'm so sarcastic aren't I?)  There is a Salvation Army on the way to where we were meeting so it was perfect.

I always get such a giggle at the things that are priced so high that for things like Target left overs yet some collectible stuff is pennies in comparison. I'll show you on a next post what I got for cheap that was crazy.

But on this trip I was , well, trippin' out! lol  I found a vintage chrome cake carrier that I had already found about a month ago. The exact same one. Now how crazy is that?  Sure there are some things, even vintage things , that you tend to see over and over but that's pretty seldom.  So you can imagine my surprise to find this cake carrier again! 

The first one I found is the one in the back of the photo. I bought it to sell of course but realized that I really could use it myself. I bake special cakes for the holidays and how cool would it be to bring them to friend's homes in this carrier. The label on it says "cake" in art deco fonts. So, I decided to keep it. It wasn't in the best selling shape either although for vintage I think it was great. Also, it has that stainless steel look that my fiance and I both love so it looks really cool in our kitchen.

So yesterday I see it again! And the funny thing also is that they were both almost exactly the same price. The first one was $8 but at half off so $4.  Yesterday's was $7 and half off at $3.50 ! So now I can keep one and sell one.

Or do I keep them both? Hm? Decisions Decisions........

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vintage Sewing Patterns is big stuff!

Hi friends! Today is Sunday and I'm going to grab some coffee and stay focused to list list list today. I've found quite the gems at thrift stores lately but what's new? lol 

Amongst things like vintage coffee cups and purses and artwork, I've been staying mindful of vintage sewing patterns as they are hot stuff. It appears to be the ones from the 50s that do really well. I've been picking some up here and there and holding onto them because they sell well as a lot.

Boy it sure is fun just looking at these. I think framing them would be some cool art too don't you think? I'm listing some up today as I've gathered a few. I have a real old one with an original price tag of 15 cents that appears to be from the 40s. WOW! I can see how seamstresses would want these. They are the original stuff!

I don't know how much they will sell for and I sort of don't care! I know that's weird but that's my thrifting and eBaying side of me coming out. I just love finding this stuff and passing it on.

Any of you sew out there? I wish I did. But again, just holding these knowing at one point in time someone in the 40s and 50s held them in their hands too is awfully cool. The images and designs are gorgeous and quite an art piece alone I think.

So today it is my plan to get these and all of my other finds listed in my store which I've recently revamped into a cool retro store front.

What are you all doing today? Anyone out there thrifting? Make sure to share your finds!

Until next time................

Friday, April 2, 2010

What I found thrifting today

Hi friends, how are all of you today on this Good Friday?

Our work closed early at noon and all I could think about was what thrift store can I hit that closes before I usually get off of work. There are two in my area. One just down the road a bit and one the next town over. The one down the road is incredibly inexpensive so I went there. Didn't want to deal with Easter traffic going a few miles away anyway.

The thrift store today had everything at 25% off which is the best! Sales at thrift stores are so awesome aren't they? I recently got a mannequin so I've opened up the possibility of buying dresses and slacks.  I have a few dresses to sell already but waited until I could afford a mannequin (they aren't cheap!)

So today, I went a little overboard as usual. Why do I always say that? Of course I went overboard. I don't quite have it in me yet to let a bargain sit there. Take for instance this gorgeous florentine frame with a beautifully colored prayer in it. It was $2.00 and then 25% off so $1.50.  I walked by it, left it there and then thought , "No way, only $1.50 ?" and I went back and got it.  Most of my grabs end up this way with my lack of will power. I haven't yet decided if I will keep this or sell it.

The other photo is of my other goodies I haven't yet unloaded. I found a huge stack of super colorful ties with the neatest designs. Turns out they are Rush Limbaugh ties and are very expensive. I got them each for $1.50 after my discount. I got 5 total for $7.50 and they sell on eBay for around $50 each or up towards $100 for the entire lot. Ah, success!

Also in the bag is a cute vintage leather clutch with what might be a lucite trim but mostly likely just plastic. It's cute though itsn't it? It was also $1.50 after discount. (I guess it was my day for $2.00 items!)

I also found an Avon bottles set, some vintage maxi dresses and much more.  This is what I live for! I'm excited to post these items in my store but NOT so excited to take the photos and do all that tedious stuff. I would love to have someone do this work for me. Then I could do what I'm good at which is finding treasures.

Who lives in Southern CA that wants to help? haha

What have YOU all found lately? Any crazy steals and deals? Let me know!

Until next time!


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