Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going often proves me right

So you all pretty much know that I wrote a book called Thrift Store Goldmines.  In the book I mention to my readers that items at thrift stores pop up all the time. Going often will prove that there's always something to be found. And that has been the case for me this last week.

I've been on a bit of a thrift-a-thon this last week.  You saw my last post where I got some goodies including the Dr. Marten shoes, etc.  Well, the day after that my fiance asked if I wanted to go on an errand with him. To the Home Depot though. yawn.  BUT....there is my Goodwill right across the street. So I had him drop me off there while he did his thing. He's so cute, he tells me to call him when I'm ready. I tell him, "Um, why don't you call me when YOU are ready my dear. I'm sure you will be at the check out counter way before me."

So on my hunt I went. I don't need to tell you I found some treasures as you know I always do right? Well yes, yes I did.  I found quite a few things I did not see the day before. Which is my whole point of how things get put out all the time. People also misplace things. AND the volunteers put all the items back that people didn't want left at the counter or in the dressing room, etc.

So that was Sunday. Yesterday , I knew I wanted to post to the readers of my book about this "visit often" advice. So, I decided to go to Goodwill AGAIN! The same one too. Lo and behold I score again!  First of all, I found a true gem. A bag of vintage cookie cutters by Hallmark. Those are big time sellers on eBay and a definite heart pumping moment.  And of all places I found them laying on one of the couches for sale. Just goes to show. Someone grabbed them, changed their mind and just tossed them at the nearest spot. Or I suppose it could have been some kids hanging onto them. The entire bag as you can sort of see above was $1.99 ! Woo hoo!  I also found some Candies heels that I spotted a few days back but didn't grab (wanted to check eBay stats first.) Those were $8.99. They're in really good condition in a beautiful teal blue.  I also found some funky retro fondue forks (my second find on these lately) for $3.99 and some candle holders from the Eames Era at $1.99 each (each? they're a pair? )  Not bad huh guys? Especially for going 3 days in a row.

I don't know if I can keep up the energy to go this often. I also have quite a bit to list now so I'll need to spread it all out. But a fun time it's been as usual.

Any of you find anything fun lately? I want to know all about it!

Until next time.........................

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My latest finds.

Mr. Fiance was working late last night so I took to the opportunity to make a Goodwill trip. I was "in the mood" which is often. I know GW can be high when it comes to prices but the fact that they're open late is in their favor.

As you know I missed that incredible estate sale I posted about last week. Ugh! I could die. (and am curious as to what everyone found!.) So I had to fill the void with some hunting. I'm doing so well with not buying every little thing I find. The fact that my office looks like a thrift store itself helps. I walked through the shoe aisle and I almost always find something. I was at the last row and nothing! (that I wanted to bother with anyway) but lo and behold, peaking out at the very end were these cool Doc Martens. I could tell by the structure of the shoe that they were Docs. They said a size 5 so I was gonna pass (I never buy small shoes) but they didn't look so small. I tried them on and sure enough they just about fit so they're about an 8. Obviously a UK size.

So as you can see they're in pretty good condition. I also found this cool milk glass collectible plate with a vintage woman on it. A vintage book about Hawaii (as those sell really well) and as you can see a super cute retro bowling shirt. It is not a vintage shirt but rather one to be made to look like one. But who cares, so darling with the pink poodle isn't it? It was tucked into the mens section so it stood out. I love when people try to hide things. Their intention is to come back later and they never do. Then I spot them very easily so it's like they are putting them away for me. Thanks folks!

The bowling shirt has the name "Jan" embroidered on it so maybe someone named Jan will want it?

So that was a nice trip. Only 4 things so I'm proud of myself. AND it fed my hunting needs.

Anyone do any hunting this week that'd they'd like to share?

Chat with ya soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ALERT - If you live in Southern CA and you love vintage!

Hello everyone, I was just letting my other blog friends know about this estate sale that has me so distraught!

This estate sale  has got to be the most fabulous looking vintage estate sale I've ever seen.  I've shed tears and grieved. I will be okay but it's a tough one friends.

Just take a look at the photos on the site and you will see what I mean. Was this woman an old celebrity? Fashion Icon? Well she was something! I mean, over 2000 vintage dresses? Lucite Handbags? Chanel Vintage Shoes! Hello!

This estate sale like most estate sales starts on a Friday and lucky me , I work. Yes I hear you! I would take the day off if I could. Been sick so I can't.  And yes, it's still going on the Saturday after wards but the good stuff is usually picked through. It is a 2 hour drive and I'd have to leave quite early but you better believe I would. I'm accepting that it wasn't meant to be. (sort of)

So, I'm hoping some of you out might be able to attend. Don't rub it in my face too hard now. I'm quite fragile at times. Especially when it comes to this stuff.  But oh I'll be fine. I may go overboard at thrift stores the next few days compensating, but I will survive!

If you do go, good luck and let us know how it went!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wish I could find Nancy Aaron.

One of the joys (at least for me) is walking down memory lane, quite literally, in thrift stores. You may recall my wonderful moment when I found the cereal bowl I used when I was younger.

This recent item I found was not my own item but of one belonging to a Nancy Aaron. You will see that this is a college cardigan from 1973 apparently belonging to this gal. Her name is on the tag. I got this for $3.99 I believe it was and was quite a find! I did some research on the mascot and it appears to come from the Los Angeles area. The ultimate would be Nancy finding this auction wouldn't it?

I did google her name and goodness, there are many Nancy Aarons. Hm? Should I just contact them all? Well I did not do that (obviously by my auction being up) as really, how would I know ? I can tell you that if this woman saw my auction (to which I would assume would make her thrilled!) then I would not sell it to her , no way. I would be more than happy to give it to her. I mean, what luck?

At least if Nancy were to find it AFTER the sale of this item, I would have the contact info of the person that bought it from me. You can probably tell that's what I would love to happen. Maybe we can all spread the word and find Nancy!

Until next time..............


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