Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need to organize my thrift items

My goodness, two weeks since a post? Bad me.

Well I have been out of town visiting my parents in Santa Barbara and today I just returned from an outing in Los Angeles so I've been a busy girl and time just flies by. So not only have I been a bit behind in my posting but also in my eBay business. I have many things to list which also means I need to keep thrifting down to a minimum because the goods are piling up. And that's the whole point of eBaying! I gotta sell so I can thrift thrift thrift.

I've also just partnered up with someone to start an exiting project that you are all going to love. I can't reveal it just yet but you will one of the first to know about it when it launches. Since I'm responsible to someone else, that has taken priority also.

So today, even if it's only 5 items I'm going to do my best to do that. I have some more items I have found that I forgot I bought like a vintage Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirt and a great vintage 50's dress. I would love to have customers in my own little office as my goodness, it's a thrift store itself!

How do you all get motivated to get on with your projects? I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time..................

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spent my Friday night at Goodwill

Mr. Fiance was hoping I wouldn't mind him going to the cigar lounge last night.  I instantly thought, "Hey, Goodwill is open till 9pm!" Yes, they p'd me off last week but it's a different goodwill. I'll never stop going. I'm addicted for gosh sake.

So yay I had an hour to shop to my liking. I left my purse in the car this time so I could have my hands free. I love to have my hands free but it felt weird too.  And you'd think I'd learn to take a cart with me. I never do thinking I'll only find a few things and then of course I've got so many things in my hand that I'm hoping someone has abandoned their cart somewhere. haha!

So these are the items I came home with. I've gotten really good at not grabbing everything my heart desires. I've always said if I could take the items directly to an antique store to resell or something like that it'd be different. Lots of "potential" items as I like to call them.

But no, I came home with some vintage wedding shoes. You may not be able to see but they have lovely rhinestone detail on the front. 2 what look like vintage swans. You can never tell these days especially with pottery items but the glaze and coloring does look special. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

I also have 2 vintage pyrex small dish items, a canning jar and a vintage Reyn Spooner shirt (not pictured.) Today will be research day and then onto eBay.   My opening bid will be low but high enough to make a profit. Those darn shoes were $12.99! Not happy about that but I'm taking a chance.

So that was my Friday night. It went by so fast! They announced a 3 minute till closing warning which made m crazy. I told them I needed at least 10! (Like it's all about me? lol) What have been your latest finds?

Until next time friends........................

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take that Goodwill!

So I went to a Goodwill last Sunday that I didn't even know existed in a town a few miles away. You can imagine my excitement. Fresh new stuff! At least to me it was. How could I have missed this? Well, I don't drive in that area very often. My fiance and I were in the area and there it was! A huge goodwill I had never been to. Oh yes, a trip there was in my near future for sure.

So I did make it and yes of course I found some goodies. But , I had an experience that has happened me to me 3 times now that I'm NOT so happy about. I wonder if this has happened to you? I shopped the store which takes me about 1-2  hours and then decide what to buy (because even at thrift stores it adds up fast !) and FOR SURE I was going to buy a vintage sequin top I found.

Goodwill now has one price for all items like say all tank tops are $2.99, all dresses are $9.99,etc. Well, all sweaters are $5.99 and this top was in sweaters as they are at most thrift stores that I go to. I've bought them many times before.  Well, I get to the register (after waiting in line for quite awhile) and the lady says, "Oh , this is really nice, this is more expensive."  She calls her manager who then says, "Oh yes, this is really nice, this is $12.99."  "What?" I say, "Where is your $12.99 section?" she says , "Well, there is no section we just price these higher."  Can you believe it? I proceed to tell her that how on earth are people supposed to know that a price can change based on what "they" feel is nice. Nice to whom? Maybe I think it's ugly?

So I wasn't happy and would have loved to say no thanks. But I knew I could still make a profit on this item so they're lucky I took it.  Maybe some of you dissagree with me but that is just really awful business practice. Now I know that people place things in wrong spots and stuff like that but this was not one of those cases because there was NO other spot for it?

So I moved on. I went ahead and listed it just a couple of days ago for $23 starting bid or $49 buy it now. It sold almost immediately for $49.

So ha ha Goodwill! Take that!

Monday, January 4, 2010

$100 Cash Giveway

Hello everyone!

I'm doing a cash giveaway for my book and this is to let you know you are all welcome to participate. Here is the email that has gone out to my subscribers..........

Hi there!
Yes I'm really giving away $100 cash! I may be crazy but yeah I can be sometimes. Look, I know money talks so why reinvent the wheel.
I'm going to deposit $100 cash into someone's paypal account (or I can send it through the mail) for doing something so easy you'd be crazy not to participate!
All you have to do is email a friend, tell a neighbor, post on a forum or post on a blog that you loved my book (because you did right? lol) , recommend it and if they buy, you get paid! I don't care if you split it with the buyer or what you do with it.  If you do so, they basically get the book for free AND make money on the deal!  Who wouldn't right?
Tell them to email me (my contact info is in the book or on my site) about who recommended it and I'll enter you into the drawing. I have a software program that picks winners at random and I will show it to all of you to prove it was random. There will be one winner. I will immediately send you the money. I'll even reimburse the paypal fees if they take any. I told you I was crazy!
This starts IMMEDIATELY and ends this Friday the 8th at midnight.  So go go go, post away! I can't wait to send you that $100 bill!
Good luck!
PS Are you receiving this and haven't gotten your copy of the book yet?  Just get your copy now and then recommend it. You may just end up getting the book for free PLUS MAKE MONEY if you win !  WOW!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I really need to sit and make a plan for my eBay items I still have left.

Hello everyone! Hope your Christmas and New Year was great!  I got engaged so yay for me! I feel good about 2010.

So, I'm starting to feel some withdrawels from not being at thrift stores for a little while. A local one I go to even had one of their biggest sales of the year with all clothing at 50 cents, shoes at $1 as well as purses. I know, why on earth didn't I go anyway?  I'm proud to say I was able to hold back. I guess it also helped that I needed to spend money on Christmas gifts rather than myself.

And it's sales just like these that I come home with so much stuff that I think my thrifting "buzz" blinds me from keeping things at a minimum. Now this wouldn't be so bad "if" it was time for me to restock but it's not. I do have some items left that either didn't sell first time around or I just haven't gotten to.

So, I've decided to try something new. I'm going to sell some vintage items in a "lot" for others either to resell on eBay (or elsewhere) or for themselves in general. Selling in lots usually consists of the same item in a group or same type of item in a group. I've never done a mish mash of items. I will probably have clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac and who knows what else. The stuff just needs to go!  My items will clear faster and thus I can go re-stock.

Have any of you sellers out there done this before? I have seen a few auctions actually. I used my Hammertap software to sneak in on some expired listings and do see that some sell. So I'll use that data and hopefully be able to be successful.

I'll let you know how it all goes! Until next time friends...............


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