Thursday, December 23, 2010

So much vintage, such little time!

Hi everyone! Wow, are you all as busy as I am?

So the set up I have with having an eBay assistant is just wonderful! I am listing more than I ever have. I've had the highest sales than ever and it's really all because I have constant listings going up. The way eBay's algorithm works is that the more you sell the higher they place your searches thus the more you might sell and so on and so on. (There's more to the algorithm than this though.)  Again, this is  thanks to having an assistant. Of course this also means I can shop at thrift stores on overdrive. Bad thing? Well no, it's nice to know I can stock up and have a plan for what to do with it all (goes to my assistant.) But then again, I only have one assistant not five ! Boy do I fill up fast!

I have found some things I never thought I would. I'm pretty excited about this recent auction. I write in my book about keeping an eye out for peep toe shoes. So many people have said "don't bother." Really? That's silly. Are they easily found? Well no but come on now, you never know what will pop up! I ALWAYS
search for 40s peep toes shoes. I always have and gosh darn it, I found them! And of all places, at Goodwill! You hardly see these there. If so, they have them behind a case but I have never seen them there either! I guess I got there in time. Here's my $6 shoe auction...........

Of course I'm excited about my great profit but really, my thrill is in finding them and having someone be just as excited about them too. What a thrill!

How about this vintage policeman's jacket. Talon zipper, tons of compartments and like new condition. Wow, how lucky! Again, at GW of all places. This one cost me $8, more than I like to spend but I knew I could make a profit. Here it is..........

I could go on and on with some of my great finds. It's just the thrill of my life to capture these treasures, make them mine for a little while and then send them on their way to other collectors. Most of my items are from Goodwill because I have one right down the street and so when the mood hits I can pop right over. And they close at 9pm! Remember, Goodwill is practically synonymous with donating so when people donate they think of GW. 

What have you all found? I'd love to hear. I'll share more for sure. If you want to see some of my recent treasures  you can look at my current or completed items in my eBay store found at MyNiftyThrifty.

Til next time, oh and Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thrift Store Finds - Bright Colors and Sparkles!

Hello everyone! Wow, has it really been 1 1/2 months since I posted? Shame on me.  It's just that I've been such a busy gal! Yes thrifting but so many other things too.

However I finally hired an assitant and it's been great. She's doing all my measuring and photo taking for me and it's just such a huge help!

Here is a bin of some sweaters I'm getting ready to give her. From what you can see are they just gorgeous or what? I hit the motherload of sequins sweaters (one of my faves and best sellers) at a thrift store recently. They weren't that cheap, at least what I consider cheap so I picked out the best of the best and am happy with that selection.

I'm just such a sucker for sparkles! I think most gals are. In this batch I have a tuquoise colored sweater with a peakcock on it with loads of sequins and beads on its feathers. Isn't it awesome? Well, I think so anyway. To the left of that is a major heavily beaded and sequined crop jacket. There are more underneath but these two colors together were so pretty I had to take a photo. These items always catch my eye in thrift stores.

The next photo is of my credenza where I lay things out so I don't forget about them. Okay yes, I sort of lay them out as though my office is my own little antique store.  Here I have some really neat stuff.  It's very shabby chic style isn't ? Some owls in there. One is a lamp. The other is a small bank. There is a round wood plate in pink all decoupaged with angels and gold trim. Ugh! Stunning. A framed print of vintage paris also in shabby chic colors. A vintage copper coffee tin and some vintage dishware.

I so enjoy finding these items and making them mine for just a little while. How about you? What have you found lately? Let me know!

Until next time!.........

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My latest finds - so cool!

Hello friends, what have you all found at thrift stores lately?  Well I've have found some really fun stuff!

What I especially love is once I get home and group my items together, they are even more awesome. For some reason when they're grouped together they look better. Kind of like bedding. Once you throw all the pieces and patterns together the end result is really nice.

I found this eames era (I love eames era!) warming pot. There is a candle on the bottom base. Great shape. Super cool! I actually keep forgetting about it. I need to list it asap! It was pricey for me at $9.99 but I think I can get almost $50 for it.

I found this fanstastic old framed print of what looks to me like part Indian girl part pin up girl. I couldn't resist it at $4. I think a lot of different genres will like her.

Lastly here is a grouping of some items I'm getting ready to photo and list.  A cool plastic coffee canister. Love love love the colors and art deco font. You see a glass HON or Hen on Nest. Those sell really well. I think it was $3 or so.

You can see tinkerbell in the background there. A stack of dishes that were 25 cents and then half off! Hello! I've got some old fashioned advertising and so much more. I have so much to do but in the meantime, I'm really enjoying owning these for just a little bit anyway.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't you love sales at thrift stores?

Hi friends, I haven't posted in awhile because I've got a million things going on.  One of those things you are going to just love. My business partner and I will be bringing you every thrift store in the country to your home! Yep, more details to come later!

Well I visited my parents in Santa Barbara last weekend for my father's birthday and rarely have time to go to thrift stores. I'm there for them and not shopping. But I decided to leave a bit early and take a sneaky trip. Ssssh, hopefully no one tells them!

I went to a store I rarely get to frequent and was pleasantly surprised to find the store front painted with sale signs. I took a photo because it's the best sale I've every seen at a thrift store I think.  3 for 1 ! wow ! I did so well as far as not going overboard.
My new technique is to visualize where I'm going to put this item. And it works! haha.

Of course I'm reselling most of what I buy but I don't quite get the chance to get around to listing as often as I'd like and so items are stacked up in my office. I can't stand clutter (except in thrift stores) so this is a good motivator for me.  But I did still find some goodies.

Now if I can only find a thrift store where they have "bag days."  I haven't run across them in awhile. What about you? Do your thrift stores have great sales? How do you resist?

Until next time...............

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow, isn't this gorgeous?

Hello friends, wow I'm a roll lately.

Everything I find in thrift stores I love. I naturally gravitate towards things I find an interest in. You all know I sell on eBay and that I've blended my passion for finding vintage items in thrift stores with selling online. In the early days I used to keep everything because, well, I loved it and couldn't just leave those treasures sitting there. Especially for a dollar or two. (I know you can all relate.) I then turned to buying things for friends. Then eventually came along eBay and now I've got the best of both worlds.

So to keep treasures is rare for me. Don't get me wrong,  if something fantastic came along it would probably not leave my home.  My previous post talked about that table I found and kept. Well, this time I found this beautiful gold leaf Florentine style picture frame sort of a thing with religious prints in it. Isn't it beautiful? I just love the rose with the gold. Very shabby chic, very Victorian, very soft goth (my own word.)

When I spotted it I fell in love. I bought it to sell but quickly decided I would keep it. It was $4.99 which is high for a thrift store in my opinion but it was worth it. What do you all think? It's been a while since I've been this excited of a treasure (a week? lol)

What have you all found lately? What do you have that  you won't let go of?

Monday, July 12, 2010

I actually kept something for me!

Hi friends. Boy I've been a thrifting fool lately. I know I know, what's new. Seriously though, I've been going and going and going finding some really cool stuff.

We have a guest in our home this week and not wanting to leave her behind I asked if she wanted to go to a thrift store with me cuz I sure wasn't gonna stop doing that! She said, "Well I've never been to a thrift store."  "WHAT ?!?"  Wow! So I took her along. I don't think she quite saw the excitement in it like I did. I guess you gotta be one of those type of people. Like all of us right? lol

So I rarely buy anything for myself. The things that I buy to sell usually make me feel like they are mine for a little while. (well they are.) But just when I was going to skip the furniture department I saw this table out of the corner of my eye. It's much cuter in person. Took this on my cell phone. But it's really retro like the Eames Era stuff that I just love. It was on sale for $20. SOLD!  I haven't yet found where I'm going to put it. If I have to toss something else out I sure will.

I do keep things sometimes.  I bought this cherry pie ceramic dish which is so cute! I placed in my kitchen with the intention of keeping it but knew it would get chipped and forgotten about. So I've decided to sell it. It's here if you want to take a peek. Isn't it adorable?

So other than that, trying to get all my listing done for eBay. I can't keep thrifting without also selling. My office is looking like a thrift store itself!.......................and I love it!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dishware craze!

Hello everyone,

Like I needed a new thrift store obsession! I've been doing Lynn Dralle's Boot Camp in a Box and while I've always peeked at dishware, her teachings have gotten me even MORE into them! From a selling standpoint, it's a great item because people are always looking to replace that one broken plate or missing spoon they need to complete their set. And they usually go to eBay to do so. It is not uncommon to find a stack of dishes at a thrift store for say, $4.99 where you can then turn around and sell each item in the stack for at least $10 each.

Did you know that people even buy chipped items? I always passed those over. Okay, well, the chipped items are usually rare items or highly collectible. Also, crafts people buy chipped items as supplies for their projects. Who knew?

So here's a pic of my cart at Goodwill the other day and I had just gotten started. Oh gosh, what have I done! I barely have time for my regular stuff but now I've added this! I'm crazy I know.

But you know, this stuff is super easy to list. I listed about 17 items in a couple of hours and even that's a long time compared to the pros.

So, I'm excited about this new adventure of dishware selling on eBay. I do however have to find storage for it all. Hopefully I'll make some big bucks to buy some space!

Any of you sell or collect dishware?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What would you have done?

Hello, how are all of you today?

So I'd like to show you these fabulous pair of vintage shoes I found at Goodwill. And to find them at Goodwill was special because finding vintage at GW is not as common these days.  Just look at these! Aren't they fantastic? But guess what, they are size 4 ! Wow! I've never found any shoes that small before.

And then next thing you know on a different aisle was another pair, different style in a 4 also. Obviously someone with some good stuff had recently donated their goods. So a size 4 huh? I really wanted to get them. They were $9.99 each pair. That is in the higher end of what I like to pay. The thing is, this size doesn't really sell well. I rarely buy less than a size 7 because the demand is just not there. But wow a 4 ! You can't really tell but the heels were super high. I bet this was a petite woman wanting some pizazz.

I imagined who owned these. Where did they wear them to? A night out at the Tropicana?  Cocktails with the ladies? Bridge on Friday night? I don't know but that's where I go when I see things like this.

Well, I didn't buy them. They're just too much of a risk as far as selling them goes. I thought about buying them just as decoration on my shelf but that's what gets me in trouble. I could do "this" or "that" or "that" with all the things I find. I really have to hold back.

So I wonder, what would you have done?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Calling all experts

Hello friends,

If you read my last post then you know that I now have a forum to go along with my book Thrift Store Goldmines. However it really is for anyone that loves going to thrift stores (or yard sales, etc) and happens to also sell items they find online. Even if you don't sell I think you'll enjoy it.  If you haven't joined us yet I hope you do. I'd love to have you there!

We have a section called "Ask the Experts"  where someone can post a question for some help whether that be identifying a pottery mark, clothing label, etc.  I know a lot of you out there if not all of you are pro's at something!   Or maybe you have some resources you've found online? A great book?

With all our knowledge put together we can really be powerful! If you're a pro, come join us! Let us pick your brain.  I'm a big fan of helping others and staying positive with this online thing we're all doin' thus that is my goal.

I hope to see you there.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This girl's gotta forum. Would you like to join me?

Hello fellow thrifters!  Guess who's added more to her plate? Yes, that'd be me.

I had an experience several months back on a forum on a popular auction site and the ladies were very nasty. So nasty they tried to sabotage my account!  I was quite surprised! What happened to the support that a forum is usually for? Funny how people can act "behind" a monitor isn't it?

Well add that with all the questions I get from my readers of my book and the result was my own forum which can be found here.

How are we supposed to learn anything if the responses are negative? We don't know it all!  And this online world is big enough for all of us.

So the birth of my forum is here. I'm sure they'll be some bumps in the road but hey, we're human. We're gonna talk about thrifting, selling and so much more. A real good time.

I'd love for you all to joins us!

See you over there!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My latest fun finds

Hi everyone, I've got some fun stuff to show you from my latest trip. I'm really trying to keep up with myself as far as listing the items that I find as I've been on a roll lately. There is a GW not too far from me (well about 30 minutes) that is not as crazy on the prices as some of the ones out there.  However that makes for a lot of buying.

I have the funkiest boots in real leather and snakeskin. They're from France and very shagadelic! haha. I think someone will really like those. They were $7.99. I found some vintage fabric in some funky 60s designs that I think someone will definitely love.  Those were only $1.25 for each section. Over a yard each. I have some vintage plastic tumblers with strawberries on them. All four were under $2. And some other fun finds. A sequins box purse for $3.99. A wooden carved tiki statue for $5.99 and a metal teacup by Mary Engelbrecht.

The funky faces in the back is a mug and salt and pepper set I'm selling for my brother. They go for quite a bit on eBay and so he's letting them go. That should be fun.

As we speak I've just packaged up 6 items and packaged 7 a few days ago. Sales aren't bad at all. But as you know the inventory builds faster than the sales! That's okay though. That's why I got an eBay store to park the inventory that does not sell in regular auction. Store sales aren't bad either.

I'm curious to know what the rest of you have found in your latest hunts. Do share! I'd love to see.

Until next time, I now gotta take photos and list my heart away.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

For you sellers, do you ever forget that YOU might like what you find?

Hi friends, I'm sitting here at my desk doing some eBay listings and as I'm about to put up a lovely sequined top I thought, "Hey, this is really cool. I would love to wear this!"  So I went to try it on and darn it, doesn't fit. Oh well, I bought it to sell anyway.

But I have to say, I do that a lot. I'll post something up and realize I would love it for myself. Now I don't mean like how I "used" to be with stuff everywhere. I mean genuine nice things I could use in my home or pieces of clothing I could wear out with my honey.  Do any of you do that? What have you kept and what are the latest?

A lot of you have some really great blogs with some wonderful finds. Can you imagine if we all had to share a home? Oh my! Of course that's silly thinking isn't it but gosh, this stuff really does accumulate quickly. I'm trying really hard to be tough on myself when I find things. This is the reason I've been wanting a space in an antique or craft mall lately. So many people advise me against it and I understand why. It's why I've never done it. The cost alone would eat up any profit if at all. Oh but it would be so nice to have a place to take my finds and simply place them on a shelf for sale.

Okay, enough dreaming, back to work!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ties, Ties, Everywhere Ties!

Hi friends! Who's been thrifting?   One of the things I love to hunt for are vintage ties. Designer ties too. They sell really well. Right now as we speak I'm looking at a pile on my desk of about 25 ties. Some designer, some vintage, some skinny ties, etc. I've just taken photos and am now about to get them onto eBay.  Finally!

Ties are usually pretty cheap. GW has gotten more expensive with them being around $4 each. I suppose that's still not bad. Especially if you find a vintage one. But ideally, I love the thrift stores that sell them for $1.99 and 99 cents.  The vintage ones are not always that easy to spot out as the patterns are retro looking as it is. But there are definitely some differences if you know what to look for. I once found a tie with a hula girl pin up on it for $1.99. I knew it'd sell but had no idea it would sell for $70 ! That was fun!

I found some gorgeous ties by Rush Limbaugh and was happy to find that those sell like crazy. They're really gorgeous. You'll have to look them up and see for yourself. They are true art.

So I'll be listing them and see what happens. They pile up really easily as one here and one there leads to a whole bunch. And my stuff has got to sell or my thrifting has to slow down. That makes for an unhappy me.

What do you all like to hunt for?

Friday, April 30, 2010

I thrift so much I've had to hire help!

Hello everyone, how's all of your thrifting going? Mine is going well of course. 

Most of you know I resell my thrift store finds on eBay and I must say, I do pass up quite a bit of items. I could easily open a store of my own only selling thrift store items and still have the prices be low. I suppose the skill I have is in finding those gems. One thing that I do pass up a lot of the time is name brand clothing. Not so much the higher end designers like Chanel or Dior (of course I would buy those!) but items like Chico's, Coldwater Creek, Talbot's and the like. I see clothes from those stores all the time. If I'm not sure of the demand then I don't buy them. But gosh when the tag is only $1.99 it's oh so tempting. However if I gave in, I'd be way too overwhelmed taking away all the fun.

eBay of course allows me to resell which is what I talk about all the time. But still, having a full time job and THEN coming home to do all of the eBay work, well, I don't want to burn myself out. I did that several years ago. I sold for about 5 years straight when I just needed a break. That break , which was for 3 years by the way, felt really good. BUT! I limited my thrift store shopping big time. Almost to a halt. I realized after awhile how unhappy I was. So I went back to eBay selling but this time, I organized myself with an office, clothing rack, supplies, etc. What a difference!

Fast forward to last week. I had one of those "duh" moments. I thought if I could only find someone to do the eBay work for me, I could be the shopper. I mean, that's what I'm good at. I could split the profits and we'd all be happy right? Well in came "eBay Trading Assistants."  Why on earth didn't I think of this before? After some back and forth emails I now have someone that sells only hawaiian shirts for me (and new eBay ID as well under "justhawaiianshirts",clever eh) and I have another gal selling some vintage items I can't get too.

I'm hoping I've got something good starting here. If I had my dream I'd have tons of people selling for me with me supplying the inventory. Hm? I think I have another idea!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super successful shopping trip!

Hi friends, any of you thrift lately? Last time I chatted with you I showed you the vintage cake holder I found that I had already found once before? On this same trip I also found some other really cool items that were high quality I thought.

You'll see I placed them all together and they look as though they could be a setting from an antique store. The mirror tray they are all on is for me to keep. yay! I've actually been looking for one of these for awhile now. I see them a lot but not this large of a size. And when I do they are really expensive for some reason.

This did not have a tag and I was praying that when I got to the counter it would be less than $10. I told the gal I was spending over $50 and to give me a deal (hey you can try) and she gave it to me for $4.99. SOLD!

So on the tray in the center is a black and white photo from I don't know whom. The frame is what caught my eye. It is VERY art deco isn't it? It is made of a hard cardboard. It was behind a case for $6. I actually put it back as I thought $6 was a lot.  I then went back and grabbed it, I couldn't resist.

I also found some red hobnail like candy dishes that might be Fenton, I don't know. But they were only $2.99 each so I grabbed those. I also found a gravy boat with strawberries on it that I think someone will love and that was also $2.99. The sugar dish on the right is a Franciscan dish in perfect condition and that was $1.99. The box in the back is stationary in a shabby chic theme ,very pretty and was only 75 cents.

Isn't the entire ensemble together really pretty? So some items are for me but most are for sale. I have a gal selling for me now so we'll see how it all goes.

What have you all found lately? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Found the same vintage item twice ! Wow!

Hi friends,

Went super crazy yesterday at some thrift stores. It wasn't a "planned" trip. My fiance and I were meeting for dinner after work and I needed to kill some time as he gets off of work later than me. Ah, kill time. How shall I do this?  (I know, I'm so sarcastic aren't I?)  There is a Salvation Army on the way to where we were meeting so it was perfect.

I always get such a giggle at the things that are priced so high that for things like Target left overs yet some collectible stuff is pennies in comparison. I'll show you on a next post what I got for cheap that was crazy.

But on this trip I was , well, trippin' out! lol  I found a vintage chrome cake carrier that I had already found about a month ago. The exact same one. Now how crazy is that?  Sure there are some things, even vintage things , that you tend to see over and over but that's pretty seldom.  So you can imagine my surprise to find this cake carrier again! 

The first one I found is the one in the back of the photo. I bought it to sell of course but realized that I really could use it myself. I bake special cakes for the holidays and how cool would it be to bring them to friend's homes in this carrier. The label on it says "cake" in art deco fonts. So, I decided to keep it. It wasn't in the best selling shape either although for vintage I think it was great. Also, it has that stainless steel look that my fiance and I both love so it looks really cool in our kitchen.

So yesterday I see it again! And the funny thing also is that they were both almost exactly the same price. The first one was $8 but at half off so $4.  Yesterday's was $7 and half off at $3.50 ! So now I can keep one and sell one.

Or do I keep them both? Hm? Decisions Decisions........

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vintage Sewing Patterns is big stuff!

Hi friends! Today is Sunday and I'm going to grab some coffee and stay focused to list list list today. I've found quite the gems at thrift stores lately but what's new? lol 

Amongst things like vintage coffee cups and purses and artwork, I've been staying mindful of vintage sewing patterns as they are hot stuff. It appears to be the ones from the 50s that do really well. I've been picking some up here and there and holding onto them because they sell well as a lot.

Boy it sure is fun just looking at these. I think framing them would be some cool art too don't you think? I'm listing some up today as I've gathered a few. I have a real old one with an original price tag of 15 cents that appears to be from the 40s. WOW! I can see how seamstresses would want these. They are the original stuff!

I don't know how much they will sell for and I sort of don't care! I know that's weird but that's my thrifting and eBaying side of me coming out. I just love finding this stuff and passing it on.

Any of you sew out there? I wish I did. But again, just holding these knowing at one point in time someone in the 40s and 50s held them in their hands too is awfully cool. The images and designs are gorgeous and quite an art piece alone I think.

So today it is my plan to get these and all of my other finds listed in my store which I've recently revamped into a cool retro store front.

What are you all doing today? Anyone out there thrifting? Make sure to share your finds!

Until next time................

Friday, April 2, 2010

What I found thrifting today

Hi friends, how are all of you today on this Good Friday?

Our work closed early at noon and all I could think about was what thrift store can I hit that closes before I usually get off of work. There are two in my area. One just down the road a bit and one the next town over. The one down the road is incredibly inexpensive so I went there. Didn't want to deal with Easter traffic going a few miles away anyway.

The thrift store today had everything at 25% off which is the best! Sales at thrift stores are so awesome aren't they? I recently got a mannequin so I've opened up the possibility of buying dresses and slacks.  I have a few dresses to sell already but waited until I could afford a mannequin (they aren't cheap!)

So today, I went a little overboard as usual. Why do I always say that? Of course I went overboard. I don't quite have it in me yet to let a bargain sit there. Take for instance this gorgeous florentine frame with a beautifully colored prayer in it. It was $2.00 and then 25% off so $1.50.  I walked by it, left it there and then thought , "No way, only $1.50 ?" and I went back and got it.  Most of my grabs end up this way with my lack of will power. I haven't yet decided if I will keep this or sell it.

The other photo is of my other goodies I haven't yet unloaded. I found a huge stack of super colorful ties with the neatest designs. Turns out they are Rush Limbaugh ties and are very expensive. I got them each for $1.50 after my discount. I got 5 total for $7.50 and they sell on eBay for around $50 each or up towards $100 for the entire lot. Ah, success!

Also in the bag is a cute vintage leather clutch with what might be a lucite trim but mostly likely just plastic. It's cute though itsn't it? It was also $1.50 after discount. (I guess it was my day for $2.00 items!)

I also found an Avon bottles set, some vintage maxi dresses and much more.  This is what I live for! I'm excited to post these items in my store but NOT so excited to take the photos and do all that tedious stuff. I would love to have someone do this work for me. Then I could do what I'm good at which is finding treasures.

Who lives in Southern CA that wants to help? haha

What have YOU all found lately? Any crazy steals and deals? Let me know!

Until next time!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What did I get on St. Patrick's day sales and more.

Hi friends!

So my last post was about going thrifting on St. Patrick's day with all the sales. One store I went to had all kids clothes for 75 cents. I have a new "great" niece named Chloe (I have 27 n & n total) and she was a bigger baby then expected so most clothes were already too small.  Mama needed some clothes. I asked if she didn't mind second hand and she said no. I mean really, now often do those little ones really wear them right?

I'm so glad she didn't mind. So, as we speak I'm shipping about 15 items of clothing to her. All for only $11.25 total cost. Is that awesome or what? I tell you, I could do that all day. I really could! I would love to shop for others. I see the nicest shirts for men and gorgeous sweaters for women. I actually auctioned myself on eBay once to shop for others. I think it's a fab idea but getting the word out is not so easy. Was totally okay to have it not pan out.

About 15 years ago a friend of mine got pregnant but didn't have much money to buy maternity  clothes. To the rescue I came! I told her if she could spare $20 I could find her at least 4 outfits. I found her about 7 pieces.  About a year ago my boyfriend needed some nice long sleeve shirts and I could NOT allow him to go to Macy's and spend $50 per shirt (and he would have too!) Second hand is not his first choice so I told him to just let me try. Well, I came back with about 12 shirts and all of them were designer shirts. Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, Kenneth Cole and more. They were in great shape too. I think I spent $40 for all of them. He was nicely surprised.  Ah, success!

So if I could find a way, I would do this for people as a service. I'm sure I could advertise it but having a full time job already, eBaying, my book and so much more, I'm afraid I can't add that to my plate right now.

Sure is a fun thought though!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks day and Thrift Stores

Hi friends!

I'm on my way out to visit some thrift stores. I got an email from one of my favorites stating that everything in the store that is green is 50 cents. Woo hoo! And everything that is not green is 50% off. Yes!

Most thrift stores do this sort of thing where they incorporate the holiday with some sort of special. I love when they do that and it's really smart of them.

I will be looking for myself but also for some eBay inventory. I've told the readers of my book to look over the items that I list in the book  and to hit those stores!  Wow, for 50 cents I'm gonna do some damage. However, that also means the chance of me bringing home a lot of stuff is very high. I'm going to try my hardest to only buy things I KNOW will sell or that I really love. I hope I can do it!

So I wanted to remind all of you about this fun opportunity to find some deals. Green to me is a very retro and vintage color so I expect to find some fun stuff. That is if no one beat me to it.

But as we all know items at thrift stores are stocked daily if not hourly. I hope you all go find some treasures. Let me know if you do!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thrift Store Projects keeping me busy!

Hello everyone! Wow, I didn't realize it had been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Time does go by fast these days doesn't it.  Yes, I have indeed done some thrift store shopping. And eBaying of course!

However, I've actually been working on a project that I'm really excited about. I can't reveal too much just yet but you will be the first to know when it's ready to launch!  Let's just say you will have almost every thrift store in the country at your fingertips! Pretty cool huh?

This has me working quite hard with a partner of mine but will be worth every minute of it. Sorry to keep you in suspense. I just wanted to let you know what I've been up to.

I'll definitely be back soon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going often proves me right

So you all pretty much know that I wrote a book called Thrift Store Goldmines.  In the book I mention to my readers that items at thrift stores pop up all the time. Going often will prove that there's always something to be found. And that has been the case for me this last week.

I've been on a bit of a thrift-a-thon this last week.  You saw my last post where I got some goodies including the Dr. Marten shoes, etc.  Well, the day after that my fiance asked if I wanted to go on an errand with him. To the Home Depot though. yawn.  BUT....there is my Goodwill right across the street. So I had him drop me off there while he did his thing. He's so cute, he tells me to call him when I'm ready. I tell him, "Um, why don't you call me when YOU are ready my dear. I'm sure you will be at the check out counter way before me."

So on my hunt I went. I don't need to tell you I found some treasures as you know I always do right? Well yes, yes I did.  I found quite a few things I did not see the day before. Which is my whole point of how things get put out all the time. People also misplace things. AND the volunteers put all the items back that people didn't want left at the counter or in the dressing room, etc.

So that was Sunday. Yesterday , I knew I wanted to post to the readers of my book about this "visit often" advice. So, I decided to go to Goodwill AGAIN! The same one too. Lo and behold I score again!  First of all, I found a true gem. A bag of vintage cookie cutters by Hallmark. Those are big time sellers on eBay and a definite heart pumping moment.  And of all places I found them laying on one of the couches for sale. Just goes to show. Someone grabbed them, changed their mind and just tossed them at the nearest spot. Or I suppose it could have been some kids hanging onto them. The entire bag as you can sort of see above was $1.99 ! Woo hoo!  I also found some Candies heels that I spotted a few days back but didn't grab (wanted to check eBay stats first.) Those were $8.99. They're in really good condition in a beautiful teal blue.  I also found some funky retro fondue forks (my second find on these lately) for $3.99 and some candle holders from the Eames Era at $1.99 each (each? they're a pair? )  Not bad huh guys? Especially for going 3 days in a row.

I don't know if I can keep up the energy to go this often. I also have quite a bit to list now so I'll need to spread it all out. But a fun time it's been as usual.

Any of you find anything fun lately? I want to know all about it!

Until next time.........................

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My latest finds.

Mr. Fiance was working late last night so I took to the opportunity to make a Goodwill trip. I was "in the mood" which is often. I know GW can be high when it comes to prices but the fact that they're open late is in their favor.

As you know I missed that incredible estate sale I posted about last week. Ugh! I could die. (and am curious as to what everyone found!.) So I had to fill the void with some hunting. I'm doing so well with not buying every little thing I find. The fact that my office looks like a thrift store itself helps. I walked through the shoe aisle and I almost always find something. I was at the last row and nothing! (that I wanted to bother with anyway) but lo and behold, peaking out at the very end were these cool Doc Martens. I could tell by the structure of the shoe that they were Docs. They said a size 5 so I was gonna pass (I never buy small shoes) but they didn't look so small. I tried them on and sure enough they just about fit so they're about an 8. Obviously a UK size.

So as you can see they're in pretty good condition. I also found this cool milk glass collectible plate with a vintage woman on it. A vintage book about Hawaii (as those sell really well) and as you can see a super cute retro bowling shirt. It is not a vintage shirt but rather one to be made to look like one. But who cares, so darling with the pink poodle isn't it? It was tucked into the mens section so it stood out. I love when people try to hide things. Their intention is to come back later and they never do. Then I spot them very easily so it's like they are putting them away for me. Thanks folks!

The bowling shirt has the name "Jan" embroidered on it so maybe someone named Jan will want it?

So that was a nice trip. Only 4 things so I'm proud of myself. AND it fed my hunting needs.

Anyone do any hunting this week that'd they'd like to share?

Chat with ya soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ALERT - If you live in Southern CA and you love vintage!

Hello everyone, I was just letting my other blog friends know about this estate sale that has me so distraught!

This estate sale  has got to be the most fabulous looking vintage estate sale I've ever seen.  I've shed tears and grieved. I will be okay but it's a tough one friends.

Just take a look at the photos on the site and you will see what I mean. Was this woman an old celebrity? Fashion Icon? Well she was something! I mean, over 2000 vintage dresses? Lucite Handbags? Chanel Vintage Shoes! Hello!

This estate sale like most estate sales starts on a Friday and lucky me , I work. Yes I hear you! I would take the day off if I could. Been sick so I can't.  And yes, it's still going on the Saturday after wards but the good stuff is usually picked through. It is a 2 hour drive and I'd have to leave quite early but you better believe I would. I'm accepting that it wasn't meant to be. (sort of)

So, I'm hoping some of you out might be able to attend. Don't rub it in my face too hard now. I'm quite fragile at times. Especially when it comes to this stuff.  But oh I'll be fine. I may go overboard at thrift stores the next few days compensating, but I will survive!

If you do go, good luck and let us know how it went!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wish I could find Nancy Aaron.

One of the joys (at least for me) is walking down memory lane, quite literally, in thrift stores. You may recall my wonderful moment when I found the cereal bowl I used when I was younger.

This recent item I found was not my own item but of one belonging to a Nancy Aaron. You will see that this is a college cardigan from 1973 apparently belonging to this gal. Her name is on the tag. I got this for $3.99 I believe it was and was quite a find! I did some research on the mascot and it appears to come from the Los Angeles area. The ultimate would be Nancy finding this auction wouldn't it?

I did google her name and goodness, there are many Nancy Aarons. Hm? Should I just contact them all? Well I did not do that (obviously by my auction being up) as really, how would I know ? I can tell you that if this woman saw my auction (to which I would assume would make her thrilled!) then I would not sell it to her , no way. I would be more than happy to give it to her. I mean, what luck?

At least if Nancy were to find it AFTER the sale of this item, I would have the contact info of the person that bought it from me. You can probably tell that's what I would love to happen. Maybe we can all spread the word and find Nancy!

Until next time..............

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need to organize my thrift items

My goodness, two weeks since a post? Bad me.

Well I have been out of town visiting my parents in Santa Barbara and today I just returned from an outing in Los Angeles so I've been a busy girl and time just flies by. So not only have I been a bit behind in my posting but also in my eBay business. I have many things to list which also means I need to keep thrifting down to a minimum because the goods are piling up. And that's the whole point of eBaying! I gotta sell so I can thrift thrift thrift.

I've also just partnered up with someone to start an exiting project that you are all going to love. I can't reveal it just yet but you will one of the first to know about it when it launches. Since I'm responsible to someone else, that has taken priority also.

So today, even if it's only 5 items I'm going to do my best to do that. I have some more items I have found that I forgot I bought like a vintage Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirt and a great vintage 50's dress. I would love to have customers in my own little office as my goodness, it's a thrift store itself!

How do you all get motivated to get on with your projects? I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time..................

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spent my Friday night at Goodwill

Mr. Fiance was hoping I wouldn't mind him going to the cigar lounge last night.  I instantly thought, "Hey, Goodwill is open till 9pm!" Yes, they p'd me off last week but it's a different goodwill. I'll never stop going. I'm addicted for gosh sake.

So yay I had an hour to shop to my liking. I left my purse in the car this time so I could have my hands free. I love to have my hands free but it felt weird too.  And you'd think I'd learn to take a cart with me. I never do thinking I'll only find a few things and then of course I've got so many things in my hand that I'm hoping someone has abandoned their cart somewhere. haha!

So these are the items I came home with. I've gotten really good at not grabbing everything my heart desires. I've always said if I could take the items directly to an antique store to resell or something like that it'd be different. Lots of "potential" items as I like to call them.

But no, I came home with some vintage wedding shoes. You may not be able to see but they have lovely rhinestone detail on the front. 2 what look like vintage swans. You can never tell these days especially with pottery items but the glaze and coloring does look special. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

I also have 2 vintage pyrex small dish items, a canning jar and a vintage Reyn Spooner shirt (not pictured.) Today will be research day and then onto eBay.   My opening bid will be low but high enough to make a profit. Those darn shoes were $12.99! Not happy about that but I'm taking a chance.

So that was my Friday night. It went by so fast! They announced a 3 minute till closing warning which made m crazy. I told them I needed at least 10! (Like it's all about me? lol) What have been your latest finds?

Until next time friends........................

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take that Goodwill!

So I went to a Goodwill last Sunday that I didn't even know existed in a town a few miles away. You can imagine my excitement. Fresh new stuff! At least to me it was. How could I have missed this? Well, I don't drive in that area very often. My fiance and I were in the area and there it was! A huge goodwill I had never been to. Oh yes, a trip there was in my near future for sure.

So I did make it and yes of course I found some goodies. But , I had an experience that has happened me to me 3 times now that I'm NOT so happy about. I wonder if this has happened to you? I shopped the store which takes me about 1-2  hours and then decide what to buy (because even at thrift stores it adds up fast !) and FOR SURE I was going to buy a vintage sequin top I found.

Goodwill now has one price for all items like say all tank tops are $2.99, all dresses are $9.99,etc. Well, all sweaters are $5.99 and this top was in sweaters as they are at most thrift stores that I go to. I've bought them many times before.  Well, I get to the register (after waiting in line for quite awhile) and the lady says, "Oh , this is really nice, this is more expensive."  She calls her manager who then says, "Oh yes, this is really nice, this is $12.99."  "What?" I say, "Where is your $12.99 section?" she says , "Well, there is no section we just price these higher."  Can you believe it? I proceed to tell her that how on earth are people supposed to know that a price can change based on what "they" feel is nice. Nice to whom? Maybe I think it's ugly?

So I wasn't happy and would have loved to say no thanks. But I knew I could still make a profit on this item so they're lucky I took it.  Maybe some of you dissagree with me but that is just really awful business practice. Now I know that people place things in wrong spots and stuff like that but this was not one of those cases because there was NO other spot for it?

So I moved on. I went ahead and listed it just a couple of days ago for $23 starting bid or $49 buy it now. It sold almost immediately for $49.

So ha ha Goodwill! Take that!

Monday, January 4, 2010

$100 Cash Giveway

Hello everyone!

I'm doing a cash giveaway for my book and this is to let you know you are all welcome to participate. Here is the email that has gone out to my subscribers..........

Hi there!
Yes I'm really giving away $100 cash! I may be crazy but yeah I can be sometimes. Look, I know money talks so why reinvent the wheel.
I'm going to deposit $100 cash into someone's paypal account (or I can send it through the mail) for doing something so easy you'd be crazy not to participate!
All you have to do is email a friend, tell a neighbor, post on a forum or post on a blog that you loved my book (because you did right? lol) , recommend it and if they buy, you get paid! I don't care if you split it with the buyer or what you do with it.  If you do so, they basically get the book for free AND make money on the deal!  Who wouldn't right?
Tell them to email me (my contact info is in the book or on my site) about who recommended it and I'll enter you into the drawing. I have a software program that picks winners at random and I will show it to all of you to prove it was random. There will be one winner. I will immediately send you the money. I'll even reimburse the paypal fees if they take any. I told you I was crazy!
This starts IMMEDIATELY and ends this Friday the 8th at midnight.  So go go go, post away! I can't wait to send you that $100 bill!
Good luck!
PS Are you receiving this and haven't gotten your copy of the book yet?  Just get your copy now and then recommend it. You may just end up getting the book for free PLUS MAKE MONEY if you win !  WOW!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I really need to sit and make a plan for my eBay items I still have left.

Hello everyone! Hope your Christmas and New Year was great!  I got engaged so yay for me! I feel good about 2010.

So, I'm starting to feel some withdrawels from not being at thrift stores for a little while. A local one I go to even had one of their biggest sales of the year with all clothing at 50 cents, shoes at $1 as well as purses. I know, why on earth didn't I go anyway?  I'm proud to say I was able to hold back. I guess it also helped that I needed to spend money on Christmas gifts rather than myself.

And it's sales just like these that I come home with so much stuff that I think my thrifting "buzz" blinds me from keeping things at a minimum. Now this wouldn't be so bad "if" it was time for me to restock but it's not. I do have some items left that either didn't sell first time around or I just haven't gotten to.

So, I've decided to try something new. I'm going to sell some vintage items in a "lot" for others either to resell on eBay (or elsewhere) or for themselves in general. Selling in lots usually consists of the same item in a group or same type of item in a group. I've never done a mish mash of items. I will probably have clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac and who knows what else. The stuff just needs to go!  My items will clear faster and thus I can go re-stock.

Have any of you sellers out there done this before? I have seen a few auctions actually. I used my Hammertap software to sneak in on some expired listings and do see that some sell. So I'll use that data and hopefully be able to be successful.

I'll let you know how it all goes! Until next time friends...............


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