Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back from my Santa Barbara trip, got some thrift stores love in

Yes I said it!

Hello everyone! I stepped away for a little bit as I was out of town visiting my parents in Santa Barbara and time just flew by.

So yes, I thrifted. Actually, I went to a thrift store I'm not too particularly fond of. They have great things don't get me wrong but their prices are ridiculous. We're talking $20 for tops, $15 for shoes and that sort of thing. I don't know, when you can get something brand new at Walmart or Target at that price then I don't think used should be that price. I'm not talking designer here. I totally understand designer items will be more. And yes I know not everyone is looking to sell, after all, I buy for myself too.

So why did I go there? Well, I just HAD to get some thrifting in. I knew I would not buy much if anything at all so it was sort of on purpose. I did manage to find a couple of things in my price range (imagine that!)

I found this sweet little vintage style cat brooch with rhinestones on the face (sorry for the bad pic) and some scarves for me to wear to jazz some of my boring tops. The scarves were $1.99 and the brooch was $2.92. Very happy with that!

I'm still staring at this cat brooch as I bought him to sell however I'm taking a liking to him and think I'll jazz up my outfits with him too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thrift Store and Estate Sale Jackpot still continues

So today, I STILL have items in the back of my car from my crazy estate sale jackpot last week.

I had to rearrange my office to make room for all of these goodies. I decided to move items already on eBay or that I already have photos of and bring all my new yummys into the office for display. My office literally looks like my own little antique store now. (boo hoo)

The photo I've got up for you today is of this very vintage, very 50s poodle lamp. I believe poodles are a highly collectible item. Especially vintage poodles. I see this lamp and I'm instantly taken on a journey to the 50s. I have no idea what it was like in the 50s other than the movies I see. But I do see a young gal in her room talking to a friend who is boy crazy like her and of course next to the pink phone is this darling poodle lamp. Do you visualize this with me friends?

I'm starting to feel that maybe I should have a vintage guest room. Then I could keep all of my treasures and decorate it as though you were walking back in time. (And I could be a guest too!)

I hope this lamp finds its way to someone that perhaps had one when they were younger. Oh and by the way, the lamp was $5. I highly doubt I would find such a bargain again.

I sure hope everyone I've bought from knows the joy these items bring. As I said before, I simply MUST pass them on as I'd be stuffed out of my own home and would not be able to continue my journeys.

Maybe I'll start sharing this with my encounters.

Until next time............

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Estate Sale Jackpot continued

So a few days ago I shared my dream come true of being invited to a client's mother's home for an exclusive preview of items that would be for sale.

When I arrived I noticed some neighbors decided to come in for a peek too. NO! All mine! I know, not nice to not share but you see when I got there, I immediately noticed the price tags and the treasures they were on.

So I grabbed a big box I saw, set it just outside the garage door and started piling in items. I must have piled in 20 items in the first 5 minutes. Vintage purses, linens, ceramics, dishware, go-go boots, old bibles, on and on.

But oh wait, my client says to me, "Brigitte, I've set aside all the vintage clothing for you to look at. Those won't be going outside." GASP, it suddenly became very warm. Oh, that's just my heart pumping at a millions mile an hour.

Yes friends, I was privy to mother's closet. Vintage lingerie, dresses and more. My client did set aside a vintage wedding dress from the 40's and an absolutely spectacular jumpsuit from the 60's. And I was totally fine with that. I did not feel comfortable taking these items. So I am going to sell them on eBay for her.

In case you are wondering I did tell her that I sell on eBay. I also told her that if that was a problem that she should not sell anything to me. But she really needed to clear out the house so we were both at peace with it.

So for today, the photo I'm sharing with you is this beautiful vintage lamp of what looks like the virgin Mary. No chips or anything! I'm having a hard time parting with this so like my other items, it's mine for now.

I just hope I do it justice by passing it on to someone who will treasure it like she did.

Until next time...........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thrift Store and Estate Sale Jackpot!

Wow, I've stepped away for a few days haven't I?

Well, for good reason. I hit the mother load of goodies in the last week. A dream come true actually. I was chatting with a client at work when she said to me, "Hey, I'm having an estate sale do you know anyone that would be interested?", I said, "Is this a joke?", "no" she says. I proceed to tell that yes ME ME ME, I am interested! Then proceeds to tell me I can have a sneak peek before the crowd and have first grabs on anything I want. What? Am I dreaming?

So my friends, I visited my client's home (actually her mothers) and well, thought I was going to faint right then and there. You see, about 90% of the items were vintage. Am I mean TRULY vintage. And to make matters even crazier, all the price tags were 25 and 50 cents. Hm? This turned out to be a dilemma. How could I possible with good conscious pay her for items that can easily be ten times that? On the other hand, she'd be selling these to others at this price so why not me?

I told her that her prices were very low (she had asked for my advice previously to look over some of her things.) I told her that I'd pay double whatever my total was. I thought that was fair don't you?

I also brought my laptop and assisted her with items she may have wanted me to sell on eBay. OK, I felt better. I can help her out in return.

So my friends, consider this a part one of many more posts regarding my crazy adventure. I was on a roll and this led to some serious thrift store finds as well.

These photos are of some items I have in my office ready to go to for auction (some are keepers for sure.) as well as a photo of the stickers I took off of these items.

My total was over $70 so you can imagine how many things I got. Let's just say it took about 5 trips to my car.

Enjoy....stayed tuned for more.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some of my latest thrift store finds.

So I did a cash give away not that long ago in exchange for some feedback from my readers (would you like another one?.)

Some of the feedback I wanted was to know what you'd like to read more about and I heard most saying that my thrift store finds was of interest.

So here I go!

I had some major thrifting therapy yesterday. Decided to stop by a Salvation Army that I have not been to in awhile only to find coupons for 50% off all in the store! Oh my, you can imagine the heart pumping I had. I promised myself to keep it to a minimum as I already have so much (who am I kidding?)

So I'm here to share with you some fun things I found yesterday. You'll see the vintage fondue forks. The package is more of a kick then the actual forks isn't it? They were $1 ! Yes!

Next I have a vintage recipe holder box with the recipes still inside! These are a big collector item on eBay also (recipes that is.) It is nicely displayed in my office for now. As I always say, part of this journey for me is being able to "own" the items before passing them onto to other lovers. Also for $1

And lastly for today I found a shabby chic style of padded drawer liners. They are very lovely and I know will make someones day. Also $1

What about all of you? What have you all thrifted lately?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some things are on eBay if you want to see

Wow, I'm on a roll this week. I've managed to get some things up on eBay but only a few.

So I visited some stores yesterday and boy oh boy did I score. And I actually found a few things for myself this time too. I dressed for work and my boyfriend commented on how cute I looked (thanks honey) and I gladly responded, "Well thank you, the shoes and dress together only cost me $12!) I love that don't you?

You all know quite well that I buy to resell. I thought about this again while I was strolling around the shop wondering what I would do if for some reason I could no longer resell. I can honestly tell you I'd be crushed. I absolutely LOVE to thrift shop. The images that go through my mind when I see dishes that my mother used to use when we were kids or bedspreads that we used to have. How about costume jewelry that the lady at the bank wore when I was a kid or those funny sweaters my dad used to wear. Oh how I love love love having those moments. Some thrift stores play oldies music too and then I'm REALLY in my own world.

Being able to resell really is just a way for me to own these things for a little while and then being able to let them go and move on. And sure, who can't use the cash right? I imagine people buying from me have the same moments. I've actually had people tell me so.

Are any of you out there eBay sellers? Have you ever thought about it? Well if you're a thrift store junkie like me then it's almost a necessity.

I'd love to hear from you all!


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