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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Designer clothing at Thrift Stores

Designer clothing can easily be found at thrift stores.

Check out this latest find. This is a mens brand new with tag still attached Bergdorf Goodman shirt. You can see the tag attached that shows the $198 price. I got it for $4.99. If my boyfriend liked the style we'd keep it. However I was hunting for eBay inventory. I checked eBay on my Iphone and found that these sell in the $60-$70 range on eBay. Score!

But this would also be a most fantastic gift. How would anyone know where you bought this. Grant it you don't have a receipt should they want to return it. I personally have no problem telling people that I get things at thrift stores. I'm proud of it actually.

This is just to let you know it pays to dig! You may not think anyone would donate such high quality items but oh yes they do.


  1. I found your web site today and marked it in my favorites to return again and again. I, too, haunt the thrift shops. Sometimes to keep, more often to resell locally in a shop and occasionally ebay. Why not ebay more often? First I hate to box things up and take them to the post office. Second, the cost of shipping is making mail order too expensive for most people.
    But I think your site has inspired me to ebay more often.
    My best resell on ebay was a set of Pfaltzgraff luncheon plates I bought for $1 each. I knew they would sell big because they are my pattern and when I look, they are always high. I kept 2 for me and sold aset of 4 for over $35.00.

  2. Well that's great! I understand what you mean about boxing things up. It's not my favorite either. However I spread things out including my listings so that I don't get too burned out. As for shipping, if you only charge actual shipping (which one should) then people have no problem paying. eBay still gets millions of visitors and they all know they have to pay shipping. Let me know if you have any questions and way to go on those plates!

  3. Love your blog!! I just started blogging about my quest to buy my fav designer brands at thrift's called the Derelict Diva Project. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

    Thanks and happy thrifting!!

  4. I found your site the other day and I just love it... I have been an avid thrift store shopper for years... I intimidated a bunch of girls at a new job because my clothes were so high end... they finally fessed up and asked me I could afford such nice clothes and how could I afford so many of them... after I explained my whole outfit that day cost about 10.00 and where I bought it from...we were instant friends... so like you I am very proud to say what I paid for it and where I got it... someone has to buy it first, so we can find it later...LOL

  5. Oh that's so great. As a matter of fact, today I am wearing a beautiful red dress and black patent leather heels that I got from a thrift store. The entire outfit, only $12. I even had some people comment on my lovely outfit and then of course I offered where I got it and how much. They're always amazed!

  6. I sold a northface jacket that I bought at the thrift store for 6 dollars for 33 dollars on ebay. I find some great deals all my adidas pants and clothing sell for more than I buy them for. It's a great way to make money. Look me up Princessarwenfan

  7. Hi! I stumbled upon your website. I recently started thrifting and never thought that there we're designer clothing, shoes or accessories sold at the thrift stores. I found so many! I have a website that I have been selling my thrift finds. Check it out at

  8. Thanks for posting your insights and experiences.
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  9. Hello! I too have discovered thrift store shopping. I love it. I have purchased many quality items at bargain prices. Happy shopping:)

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