Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank the lord for ebay

So I got some more thrift items on ebay this week. It can be quite hard work especially if you do it alone. However without ebaY, I could not thrift. I simply cannot pass something up that I know is a true find at such low costs. You can see some of what I'm talking about in my listings this week. I made a deal with myself though to list housewares this week and go back to clothing next week.

Do any of you thrift shop and allow yourself to pass bargains up? How you do it I don't know. So I'm pooped on this Sunday evening. I know, not much is really up for auction this week. I actually took more photo's than what I listed. Have to get more info on some items.

Nonetheless, I still appreciate the outlet ebaY allows me to have for my Thrift Storing addiction.

What about all of you? What DO you do with your treasures?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Plus Size Women Clothes

Thrift Stores are THE perfect place to find plus size women clothes. I come across them all the time. Plus size clothing can be quite expensive. Have you ever thought about going to thrift stores for your wardrobe? I can tell you that there are lot of brand new with tags and like new clothing in thrift shops. I buy them sometimes to sell in lots as buyers love to buy them that way as the savings are enormous.

So next time you're thinking of shopping, think of thrift stores. You'll only need a few bucks!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Local Thrift Stores are the best

Local thrift stores are the best aren't they? There's something about walking into an establishment and having them say "Hello again" that just warms the heart. Especially thrift stores!

I was so lucky to find some fabulous finds this last week. Too many to mention. But do take a look at THIS find! These vintage cat eye glasses are to die. I was at the counter finishing up my total when I saw just a peak of these in a basket. I said, "oh wait! How much are these?" He says, "How about a dollar?" (heart pounding). How about YES!

I'm so thrilled about these. I consider these one of my all time finds. They will go onto ebaY for someone else to enjoy. Although I do wear glasses, these don't quite fit my face. Aren't they adorable though?

Stay tuned, I'll be posting more goodies soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

For those of you selling your thrift store finds

In case you're not aware of this neat site I suggest you check it out.

Know when to sell on eBay

Click above to see what a great resource this is to research how much something is selling for.

This is useful whether your are a seller or buyer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keep in mind you can afford to get items tailored.

I've posted this to shed some light on the fact that since most of the time clothing will be under $5, this allows for money towards tailoring.

Don't just look for pants and dresses in your size, after all, it's rare to always find something you like AND in your size. Look for LARGER sizes and then go get them tailored. You will still have spent less than department store prices AND the item is tailored to your body. And that ALWAYS is flattering.

For pants, fit your widest part, usually the hips. For dresses, same idea and also the bust area. You can take in the waist in both.

You'll definitely think twice now when thrift store shopping.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My latest items are up

Hello everyone!

My oh my, my latest thrift store hunts have been really good ones. Well, they're always good ones but sometimes I seem to just hit the jackpot as far as selection and prices go. My items on ebay this week are most of what I found. I'm especially excited about this item which is a beautiful lingerie slip dress. Just look at the detail! And these vintage pants are what's called dead stock meaning they are NEW never worn vintage. Check out the ad in the listing 1959 of the same pants (just different color). It's these types of things that really excite me when hunting.

Have any of you found anything interesting lately? And what do YOU do with what you find? I have some items I keep for myself of course. It would be no fun to keep and item or two.


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