Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

We will all no doubt be very busy the next few days even if that only means relaxing with our families. I will be traveling up north to Bakersfield to spend it with my very large family. There are new babies around so that will be extra special.

I will be back soon after the holidays. Don't be surprised if I squeeze in some thrift store hunting in that time span. I probably will! And of course I'll report back.

I will be online however so any questions or comments will be seen. I love hearing from you all!

Until then I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Please be safe!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Squeezing in Thrift Storing Time During the Holidays

So are all of you just crazy crazy busy like me?

Well, I'm happy to say that from my eBay sales, eBay affiliate program commissions and book sales, I am able to buy lots of gifts this year. I have some family members that are not so fortunate and I'm spending spending spending on them!

I did real good with my eBay sales. This also means that I've been busy packaging and shipping my little heart out. I have not gone to thrift stores as much as I 'd like but I did go to them, oh yes I did indeed! The Christmas items are on sale everywhere and I'm definitely buying them up. Either for myself or to sell next year.

But look at this neat vintage shoe shine kit I found? The bottles are really cool! I got it for $4.99 which I think is a steal. I did see that others sell on eBay and not for too much so I may just sell the bottles. Not sure. I'm enjoying this on my counter right now. I wonder who used it. Where were they from? Where did they buy their supplies? I can't decide if it's more fun to day dream about the stories behind the items I found or finding them in general. I love how inexpensive it is to travel in time.

I'm also working on a blog that is just for my book (you can see a sneak peak here.) So I'm pretty busy.

But never too busy for thrift stores!

I hope to hear from all of you. I love it when you leave me comments.

Take care and until next time.......................

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And they say you can't find vintage dresses at thrift stores anymore.

Hello everyone...

I don't think I ever mentioned it but I had the unfortunate experience several months back of being bashed on a well known auction site forum for being a phoney so to speak. My ebook had gotten some attention and some what I call "unhappy gabbers" who found joy in bashing me and my book. The reason for this was because they INSISTED that vintage dresses could no longer be found in thrift stores and telling others that you can was well, I guess being a phoney?

That is just about the silliest thing I've ever heard of. I mean, who knows WHAT will end up in a thrift store? Are they as abundant as years ago, well I'm sure not. But does that mean you can NEVER find a vintage dress (or any any other piece of vintage clothing for that matter?) Well of course not. I mean, to make that statement is just nonsense!

Are there 50s housewives donating on daily basis. Well no silly. But those dresses do go SOMEWHERE. Maybe grandma handed it down and the recipients are not into that style? Maybe someone is having an estate sale clearing out grandma's home? Maybe someone is packing up their daughters room full of items and donating them? Maybe a man is getting rid of an exes closet of clothes and doesn't know (or care) what's in it? Who know and who cares. 

So, this brings me to my latest find. A 50s dress! Oh my, a miracle! Pardon my sarcasm, I just found the argument I refer to above so ridiculous. 

So this I found is an original Dan Keller as you can see. Dan Keller designed some gorgeous dresses in the 50s. This dress is in really good shape too . Gosh darn it why doesn't it fit me? But it will go up on eBay and how fun will that be! All dresses were $7.99 so that's what I got this for. This was a definite heart pumper!

I have it hanging in my eBay office right now (or my home thrift store as I refer it as) just enjoying it for a little while. It appears to be a good size too. Not too small. Great beige / light brown color to go with everything. Bamboo button enclosure and loads of pleats.

So this may or may not sell for much but it really doesn't matter much to me. I just love the joy of finding these gems and then passing them on. Don't give up on thrift stores.  You never know what you'll find!!

Until next time!...............

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My latest goodies I'm keeping for myself

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday if you dared to go out. I did not plan on it but did pop out to a store or two only to come home eight hours later. My feet were done!

Well, what I have for you today is a cute ensemble of vintage dishware I found. I love to find vintage dishware in the 50s era. Those with starbursts and space age motifs are my favorite. I usually look for these to sell too. However even though these pieces were 99 cents and a couple of dollars, and I could have indeed made a profit, I loved them too much to let them go. I've said it before that I always forget about me! If I love something so much then why don't I keep it? Okay, well we all know the answer actually to that. Clutter clutter clutter.

But if they are items you'll actually use then hey, I'm all for it! These have all already been used. I use the glasses as my water glass next to my bed stand. I enjoy looking at it before I go to bed. The casserole dishes I've also used too. It's neat when I can find a deal AND keep it for myself to use.

Don't you love these all together too? I think these would be neat up on a shelf in a retro kitchen too.

I have found many more goodies lately and I'm listing them on eBay as we speak.  I have about 30 up now with about 10 scheduled and probably looking at listing about 20 more! Definitely have my work cut out for me. But now is the time to list your little heart out on eBay. Everyone is shopping online!

After these items end I'll be on break from listing for a couple of weeks as I'll be shipping all the stuff that sells too! And then of course there are the holidays to fit in.

So I'm a busy gal but I can think of some worse things to complain about!

Until next time friends..........................

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Everyone is saying Happy Thanksgiving today and that includes me.

Please take some time out today to be thankful for even the little of things. If you are breathing, can see, can walk, have a job, have your health, have family, have friends, have food, have clothing, have freedom, have warmth, have a loved one, have been in love, have been loved, have a pet............oh how I could go on.

It is unfortunate that it takes a special day to make us think of all our blessings however at the same time, I'm thankful to have the day to do just that.

Best to all of you, have a wonderful day filled with much joy and peace.

Until next time.................

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let's chat friends - I need your help!

As you all know I sell on eBay. Mostly because that allows me to give in to my thrift store obsession! lol.

As I was going through my unsold goods recently , I was wondering what another option might be for passing them along. I've been donating back the items that don't sell (and that aren't heart pumpers) however I do have some items that ARE heart pumpers. At least to me they are! It's tough to let them go. I know, it's my problem. For whatever reason they are not selling. Could be tons of different reasons. I have no spare time to find out why. After all, most of my items actually DO sell.

So, I thought to myself, "I wonder if my Thrift Store blog friends would like these?" So here I am brainstorming with all of you. I was thinking of doing something like having you all look at my unsold items on eBay (you'll have to be logged in) and simply have you take a look and make an offer! I say offer half or something else. If more than one offer comes in it would go to whomever paid first but we can figure all of that out later.  I'll take probably just about anything.

What do you all think? Maybe you could pass it on too?  There are some fun items left. I think they'd be great for gifts for friends who love vintage or could be used to decorate with (you know how I love that!)

Of course I think it's a great idea but really it's up to all of you to let me know your thoughts. I'm open to all suggestions!

Thanks friends, hope you hear from  you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sneak peek into my bag of goodies

I met my boyfriend for lunch today and there was some time to spare before I had to head back to work. There is one of my favorite thrift stores not far from there and so I of course stepped in.

I REALLY tried this time guys, I really did! I told myself I would absolutely pass on items that were not heart pumpers. I visualized my office that I just cleaned out. I gathered 3 big bags full of stuff to take right back to GW and feel really good about it. So that helped a lot as far as keeping me from buying too much more.

So............yes OF COURSE I found some items. In the window before going in I saw a vintage red hat with pearls that was very heart pumping. It was $4 which is high for a TS I think but nonetheless, was worth it. You'll see here my bag of goodies. I also found a vintage red purse in a box style. A vintage lace clutch, some leather peep toe shoes, vintage tupperware, a vintage slip and more.

The total was $28 for all of it which was great! This thrift store is the one that has the old ladies volunterring and where they "took" cash only. That was a saving grace for me HOWEVER they've moved up in the world and now take debit / credit cards.  (big sigh) When they took cash only it was a good thing. I'd forget to get cash and was stuck sometimes. They took checks but was too embarrassed to write a check for $1 !

So, I'll be placing these items in my eBay inventory.  

They're fun items and I had some good fun chit chatting with the ladies. That always adds to the experience!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Goodwill clearance center? Isn't that like a double negative?

Hello everyone!

So this photo you see here is one I took with my cell phone standing outside the building. As you can see it is a "Goodwill clearance center." What on earth? Have any of you ever seen one of these? In all my years hunting, I have not.

I was in Bakersfield last weekend and my nephew (he's in his 30's and also sells on eBay) told me about it. When I arrived I was quite confused. "Hm? What will my plan of attack be? I've never entered one of these before. I don't know what to expect?" You can imagine I was quite excited...........until I learned they were closing in 15minutes! But that's okay, I can do a lot of damage in 15 minutes!

So I enter and it turns out everything is by the pound! There are huge bins everywhere categorized by shoes, clothing, housewares, books, etc. You dig dig dig , put your goods on the scale and there ya go! What a cool concept.

However, it was VERY messy as you can imagine. No shoes were paired. The clothing was thrown everywhere. I was afraid to break dishes as they were stacked on top of each other. So, not quite as heart pumping as my usual GW runs.

I don't think this is one that I will bother trying to frequent. For one, it is 3 hours away from my home. And two, well..........I like my stores a "little" organized. I mean, yes I'm hunting but I do have a system where I scan items as I walk. If you like to dig (which normally I do) than this is for you.

Was sort of strange not to be as enthused as I normally am about thrift stores. However, we quickly moved onto another one where we scored big time!

I will be posting some of my finds soon.

Until next time friends!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vintage Radio Bank from Thrift Store sold!

Here's a fun item I found at a thrift store. It is a piggy bank (with no crack or chips!) I found at a thrift store for $1. I KNEW this would get attention as even a collector of radios would surely enjoy this on their shelf even just for fun.

The fact that it was in great shape was a find too! I did list this on eBay and it just sold for $46. Not too bad! I'm hoping someone bought it as a Christmas gift for a person who likes this sort of art deco decor. I know I would.

I do wish I had a spare guest room that I could decorate with fun stuff like this because every once in awhile I do love the items I find. But like everything else, I'll forget about it and move onto the next fun treasure.

The $46 definitely comes in handy too. The same week I also sold a Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirt I bought for 99 cents for $17.49. I also sold a teal vintage sweater I bought for $3.99 for $9.00 plus much more.

It's definitely motivating to sell sell sell! I popped into a Salvation Army the other day when I was feeling down and I of course found some neat items.

I'll show ya next time what I found. I'm so excited to list it!

Until next time.......

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hope you forgive me for recommending....

So I'm starting to think about holiday gifts, are any of you? I do a lot of online shopping myself.

As I was glancing through my blog (as I do to make sure it's nice and tidy) I came across my recommended thrift store projects from Amazon that I completely forgot I even had? Have any of you take a peek at them? They're sure fun.

The particular ones I'm talking about are the "thrift store" t-shirts, tote bags, sweatshirts, etc. However, I think most of us would be buying these for ourselves would we not? haha! I do have some friends however that love thrift stores just like me. I do think I'll give some of these as gifts. I didn't think of it before to be honest with you. I don't think they can be found anywhere other than Amazon so that's nice to know it's a unique gift. I think the person I'm really going to buy for is ME! My boyfriend did ask me last night what I wanted for Christmas so I think I'll put this on the list.

So hope you don't mind me passing that along. Yes I will make a few pennies (literally) from them however I mostly just think they're fun and made JUST FOR US JUNKIES!

Until next time........................

Friday, October 30, 2009

Online Thrift Stores - I do that too!

So have any of you ever gone to Goodwill online?

I don't do so all that much but from time to time I do and I'm just as silly about my shopping on there too. I've noticed that there are many more visitors on that site compared to the early days. Great for GW! Bad for us. =(

So I bid on 5 vintage purses and I won! The only bad thing about online Goodwill is that you don't get to see the merchandise and more likely than not, it is not in that great of shape. At least not unless it's new. The sellers do indeed try to explain all flaws and they usually do.

My purses arrived yesterday and they were not in THAT great of shape but doable. I paid $27 for all of them (not including shipping) so I figure I probably make my money back on at least one or two. I'll have to give some of them some TLC but that's okay by me.

Have any of you bid online with Goodwill? It's fun but do keep in mind that shipping comes into play. So you do need to add that to your final total and THAT is your final price. I've seen designer handbags go for very high! Fur coats, artwork and much much more.

I think it's fun to browse and most of the time I'm sad I can't touch the items. But then again, we're getting Goodwills that are out of state brought into our home.

I'm curious to know if any of you have visited and what you think?

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm giving myself permission!

I walked into my office today to start eBaying and I became overwhelmed. "Uh oh!" I thought....this is how I felt about 5 years ago. I've been eBaying over 10 years. Thrift Store shopping over 30 and there does come a point and time where it can be too much.

About 5 years ago I became very burned out. I had eBayed STRAIGHT for 3 years and the day came where I needed a break (remember I work full time too.) So I did take a break for about 3 years. But with this decision came a lot less time in thrift stores. Actually, I stopped cold turkey. That was okay for a little while. But then, I started feeling like something was missing in my life. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but then I had an "a ha!" moment. I missed my thrift stores. I just needed this passion back! So, a little over a year ago I started up again and me is happy again.

You all know already that I need to eBay (well sell anyway) to continue my thrift store trips. And that's okay! I do like to eBay. However the "stuff" piles up much faster then I'm able to sell.

So like I was saying, I walked into my office and felt overwhelmed. Then it dawned on me, who says I have to keep all this stuff? It is certainly okay to donate some back and just keep the "for sure" and high priced selling stuff. It's not like I haven't made my money back.

So, I will check online to see what some of the going prices are on some items and if it's not worth my time or that niche is saturated...then it's time to go. And that's okay! It's more than okay, IT'S A RELIEF!

Now the trick is to remember this when I'm out and about. I've already restricted myself a bit. It will just take more practice. All I'll have to do is think of my office and remember, I only have so much room. Actually, I only have so much "time" to list things.

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. It's perfectly alright to change one's mind. Isn't it silly how we forget we are in charge?

I definitely feel better and even feel a bit motivated to get started listing now that I've reduced my load.

What about you? Is there something you need to give yourself permission for?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vintage Blender just for me

So I'm always rambling about my fun treasures that I forget to mention that I do keep items for myself too.

Just check out this fantastic item! This is a vintage blender in great working condition. The cord is hidden in the back and it came with the manual and all. This was purchased at the estate sale I attended not too long ago where I found all my treasures at such low prices. This gem was only $7. Not bad I say!

Sometimes I have items that either don't sell or are not in perfect condition or whatever that I don't know what to do with. I always forget that "I" like them too so why not keep them? Well the obvious is that I would end back up in clutterville however I've gotten pretty good. I don't do this as much anymore.

But this! This is different. First of all I needed a blender. My other half and I have been kicking around buying one and which brand to buy. When I saw this I couldn't believe it. Isn't gorgeous? Very 50's retro kitchen yet very modern too.

I used it for the first time about a week after I got it and it worked perfectly. Lucky me!

I definitely have to remind myself that it's okay to hold onto treasures that bring me joy as well. And if my home enters clutterville....then oh well, that's what eBay's for.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burberry coat sold for over $80!

In case you don't recall, I wrote a post a couple of months back about the Burberry coat I found at a thrift store for $24.99. I don't usually spend that much at thrift stores UNLESS it is worth it and obviously a Burberry coat, ALMOST NEW, Burberry is definitely worth it.

I waited until the weather got cool to list it. Well you can see above that although I expected more, I did quite well. Over tripled my money.

As a matter of fact, the sale price almost paid for my entire shopping trip that day. Everything else I make from those items is pure profit or if any were for me, they were free.

This is why I love being able to combine eBay with thrift store shopping. Sure, there's some work involved but it's well worth it. It was quite satisfying to pay a bill today with the earnings from the thrift store items I sell.

So , have any of your embarked on this adventure? If not, what's holding you back? If yes, please share your success with us.

Until next time.............

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bottles, jars and more

This photo was taken with my camera phone while thrift store shopping. The sunlight was hitting the glassware so beautifully. The store organized them by color and it looked so much like a piece of art.

Made me realize even more so than ever how much we can create with simple things. And simple things can be found so inexpensively at thrift stores.

My next project as some of you might have figured out is to put together all ideas and projects I have using thrift store items. Things that look very plain and boring when sitting on a shelf but can be transformed into such gorgeous items.

That is how the Shabby Chic movement start ya know. Taking old, mixing it with new and viola..........stunning decor.

Shabby Chic is VERY easy to do with thrift store items. It's funny, in my head I have my little categories for when I see things. I suppose it's because I've always wanted my own store. So, to myself I often think, "shabby chic section", "50s kitchen", "french country." This is because these are what I see on a daily basis. So sad to let them sit there.

So since I can't bring them all home AND can't sell them all (although I try!) I've decided why not buy the ones that are affordable, reinvent them as I imagine them to be, and share with others?

So, that's my latest obsession. I hope to get going on it real soon. I've already purchased some items. Now I just need to get crafting.

I hope this is something you'd all enjoy! I know I'll enjoy creating it.

Until next time.................

Monday, October 12, 2009

Didn't buy the chair and more ramblings

So, I did not go back and buy the chair. I know, I'm nuts aren't I.

I came home , looked around and simply could not justify bringing it home. Unlike my small items and clothing that I can resell if need be, I simply can not with furniture. I have to tell you. It's not easy! I made a promise to myself though that I would be tough and only buy things I truly could not live without. If you saw my office you'd understand! haha. I simply have to have more go out then in.

On another note, some of you may have noticed at the top up there where I'm conducting a survey. I plan to write an eBook in the near future about all the wonderful ways you can reinvent items that are found at thrift stores. I'd love to hear some feedback from all of you.

It will be something like a "Top 10 or 20" things you can do with thrift store finds.

So stay tuned for that one!

Until next time, have a great day or evening!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vintage Chair - I shoulda grabbed it!

One thing I do love about Goodwill's and Salvation Army's are that they are open late. If the mood strikes me at 8 in the evening, they are there waiting for me!

And that's exactly what I did Friday. This particular SA has a lot of furniture. Thank goodness I have no means to take any with me (or really, any room in my home) or else I'd be purchasing many of them.

This is a photo I took of this chair I found for $19! I'm very regretful now because I have the almost exact same chair in my home. I surely must have room for it somewhere. And did I mention $19 at that?

My boyfriend asked why I didn't just buy it? I thought I was being so good. Look at me, resisting. I've come so far!

However, I'm having second thoughts. I think I will go back and see if it's still there and snatch this baby up.

What do you all do when you see cool furniture or other big items? What are your regrets?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Vintage Maxi Dresses, oh my

So I went to a Goodwill over the weekend and ended up scoring with some Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts (good sellers on eBay) only to find when I got home that the wrong shirts were put in my bag! ugh! So, I returned the wrong shirts and OF COURSE my Reyn Spooner's were gone. That's okay though, I found some other bargains. I wasn't feeling so hot, as I've been ill, so I didn't really get into it like I usually do.

So today, I felt under the weather again and stayed home from work. I don't do well, mentally that is , when I do that as I have a lot of guilt when I stay home. Oh well, I did and it's over.

What IS good is that I over compensate by trying to be productive at home. So since I could lounge in my cozy clothes and no make up, I was able to get some things listed on eBay. A necessity with the items I've collected lately.

I was lucky enough to find some vintage Maxi Dresses at that estate sale I attended and was able to get some decent pictures of those.

They are up if you'd like to take a peak.

Fun stuff!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back from my Santa Barbara trip, got some thrift stores love in

Yes I said it!

Hello everyone! I stepped away for a little bit as I was out of town visiting my parents in Santa Barbara and time just flew by.

So yes, I thrifted. Actually, I went to a thrift store I'm not too particularly fond of. They have great things don't get me wrong but their prices are ridiculous. We're talking $20 for tops, $15 for shoes and that sort of thing. I don't know, when you can get something brand new at Walmart or Target at that price then I don't think used should be that price. I'm not talking designer here. I totally understand designer items will be more. And yes I know not everyone is looking to sell, after all, I buy for myself too.

So why did I go there? Well, I just HAD to get some thrifting in. I knew I would not buy much if anything at all so it was sort of on purpose. I did manage to find a couple of things in my price range (imagine that!)

I found this sweet little vintage style cat brooch with rhinestones on the face (sorry for the bad pic) and some scarves for me to wear to jazz some of my boring tops. The scarves were $1.99 and the brooch was $2.92. Very happy with that!

I'm still staring at this cat brooch as I bought him to sell however I'm taking a liking to him and think I'll jazz up my outfits with him too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thrift Store and Estate Sale Jackpot still continues

So today, I STILL have items in the back of my car from my crazy estate sale jackpot last week.

I had to rearrange my office to make room for all of these goodies. I decided to move items already on eBay or that I already have photos of and bring all my new yummys into the office for display. My office literally looks like my own little antique store now. (boo hoo)

The photo I've got up for you today is of this very vintage, very 50s poodle lamp. I believe poodles are a highly collectible item. Especially vintage poodles. I see this lamp and I'm instantly taken on a journey to the 50s. I have no idea what it was like in the 50s other than the movies I see. But I do see a young gal in her room talking to a friend who is boy crazy like her and of course next to the pink phone is this darling poodle lamp. Do you visualize this with me friends?

I'm starting to feel that maybe I should have a vintage guest room. Then I could keep all of my treasures and decorate it as though you were walking back in time. (And I could be a guest too!)

I hope this lamp finds its way to someone that perhaps had one when they were younger. Oh and by the way, the lamp was $5. I highly doubt I would find such a bargain again.

I sure hope everyone I've bought from knows the joy these items bring. As I said before, I simply MUST pass them on as I'd be stuffed out of my own home and would not be able to continue my journeys.

Maybe I'll start sharing this with my encounters.

Until next time............

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Estate Sale Jackpot continued

So a few days ago I shared my dream come true of being invited to a client's mother's home for an exclusive preview of items that would be for sale.

When I arrived I noticed some neighbors decided to come in for a peek too. NO! All mine! I know, not nice to not share but you see when I got there, I immediately noticed the price tags and the treasures they were on.

So I grabbed a big box I saw, set it just outside the garage door and started piling in items. I must have piled in 20 items in the first 5 minutes. Vintage purses, linens, ceramics, dishware, go-go boots, old bibles, on and on.

But oh wait, my client says to me, "Brigitte, I've set aside all the vintage clothing for you to look at. Those won't be going outside." GASP, it suddenly became very warm. Oh, that's just my heart pumping at a millions mile an hour.

Yes friends, I was privy to mother's closet. Vintage lingerie, dresses and more. My client did set aside a vintage wedding dress from the 40's and an absolutely spectacular jumpsuit from the 60's. And I was totally fine with that. I did not feel comfortable taking these items. So I am going to sell them on eBay for her.

In case you are wondering I did tell her that I sell on eBay. I also told her that if that was a problem that she should not sell anything to me. But she really needed to clear out the house so we were both at peace with it.

So for today, the photo I'm sharing with you is this beautiful vintage lamp of what looks like the virgin Mary. No chips or anything! I'm having a hard time parting with this so like my other items, it's mine for now.

I just hope I do it justice by passing it on to someone who will treasure it like she did.

Until next time...........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thrift Store and Estate Sale Jackpot!

Wow, I've stepped away for a few days haven't I?

Well, for good reason. I hit the mother load of goodies in the last week. A dream come true actually. I was chatting with a client at work when she said to me, "Hey, I'm having an estate sale do you know anyone that would be interested?", I said, "Is this a joke?", "no" she says. I proceed to tell that yes ME ME ME, I am interested! Then proceeds to tell me I can have a sneak peek before the crowd and have first grabs on anything I want. What? Am I dreaming?

So my friends, I visited my client's home (actually her mothers) and well, thought I was going to faint right then and there. You see, about 90% of the items were vintage. Am I mean TRULY vintage. And to make matters even crazier, all the price tags were 25 and 50 cents. Hm? This turned out to be a dilemma. How could I possible with good conscious pay her for items that can easily be ten times that? On the other hand, she'd be selling these to others at this price so why not me?

I told her that her prices were very low (she had asked for my advice previously to look over some of her things.) I told her that I'd pay double whatever my total was. I thought that was fair don't you?

I also brought my laptop and assisted her with items she may have wanted me to sell on eBay. OK, I felt better. I can help her out in return.

So my friends, consider this a part one of many more posts regarding my crazy adventure. I was on a roll and this led to some serious thrift store finds as well.

These photos are of some items I have in my office ready to go to for auction (some are keepers for sure.) as well as a photo of the stickers I took off of these items.

My total was over $70 so you can imagine how many things I got. Let's just say it took about 5 trips to my car.

Enjoy....stayed tuned for more.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some of my latest thrift store finds.

So I did a cash give away not that long ago in exchange for some feedback from my readers (would you like another one?.)

Some of the feedback I wanted was to know what you'd like to read more about and I heard most saying that my thrift store finds was of interest.

So here I go!

I had some major thrifting therapy yesterday. Decided to stop by a Salvation Army that I have not been to in awhile only to find coupons for 50% off all in the store! Oh my, you can imagine the heart pumping I had. I promised myself to keep it to a minimum as I already have so much (who am I kidding?)

So I'm here to share with you some fun things I found yesterday. You'll see the vintage fondue forks. The package is more of a kick then the actual forks isn't it? They were $1 ! Yes!

Next I have a vintage recipe holder box with the recipes still inside! These are a big collector item on eBay also (recipes that is.) It is nicely displayed in my office for now. As I always say, part of this journey for me is being able to "own" the items before passing them onto to other lovers. Also for $1

And lastly for today I found a shabby chic style of padded drawer liners. They are very lovely and I know will make someones day. Also $1

What about all of you? What have you all thrifted lately?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some things are on eBay if you want to see

Wow, I'm on a roll this week. I've managed to get some things up on eBay but only a few.

So I visited some stores yesterday and boy oh boy did I score. And I actually found a few things for myself this time too. I dressed for work and my boyfriend commented on how cute I looked (thanks honey) and I gladly responded, "Well thank you, the shoes and dress together only cost me $12!) I love that don't you?

You all know quite well that I buy to resell. I thought about this again while I was strolling around the shop wondering what I would do if for some reason I could no longer resell. I can honestly tell you I'd be crushed. I absolutely LOVE to thrift shop. The images that go through my mind when I see dishes that my mother used to use when we were kids or bedspreads that we used to have. How about costume jewelry that the lady at the bank wore when I was a kid or those funny sweaters my dad used to wear. Oh how I love love love having those moments. Some thrift stores play oldies music too and then I'm REALLY in my own world.

Being able to resell really is just a way for me to own these things for a little while and then being able to let them go and move on. And sure, who can't use the cash right? I imagine people buying from me have the same moments. I've actually had people tell me so.

Are any of you out there eBay sellers? Have you ever thought about it? Well if you're a thrift store junkie like me then it's almost a necessity.

I'd love to hear from you all!

Monday, August 31, 2009

$94.68 trip to Goodwill

I know, crazy of me isn't it? That's actually quite a bit of money (in general) to spend at a thrift store. Especially being the bragger of finding things for so cheap (oh and I did!)

This trip was so high because I completely scored AGAIN!

There was a mens excellent condition Burberry jacket. As in AUTHENTIC Burberry jacket for only $24.99. I don't remember the last time I paid that much for anything other than furniture at a thrift store. However if you know anything about Burberry than you know this was pennies. I knew I could sell this on ebay for 5 or even 10 times more. My latest findings on ebay were that I can probably get around $150-$200. I'll wait until Christmas on that one.

I also spent $12.99 on some, also excellent condition , black all leather cowboy boots by Dan Post. I expect to make triple on those.

I also purchased some other ebay items and even a pair of shoes for myself this time! Woo hoo.

So all in all, yes , spent more than usual but I know I'll make all my money back on just one item and the rest is profit.

And let's not forget the best part of all was the simple joy of thrift store hunting. Believe me, I passed up a lot of things (and it was hard, sniff sniff) however the pleasure of just hunting in general and going down memory lane through the aisles is always priceless.

There is a peace I feel in thrift stores I just can't quite explain.

I suppose it's my kind of therapy.

How many of you feel this way?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to stop cluttering up your home with stuff from thrift stores

Is it even possible? I know it is hard for me. The problem is we find those 50 cent items and dollar this and dollar that, why WOULDN'T you buy it right? Problem is, multiply that 10 times over and you'll find yourself with your own thrift store in your home (not to mention many dollars spent.)

I had a very huge problem with this. I still tend to do that from time to time since what I buy I usually sell on ebay. I then have more than I can handle.

First of all, just know that you will ALWAYS find those 50 cent and dollar items. If you pass something up now, it will be for something you'll find later.

Imagine where you'll put this thing you've found? Is there even any more room in your home or closet? Visualize this as you have the item in front of you and the excitement may quickly fizzle out.

If it's clothing you're looking at, imagine it in your closet or in your laundry basket. Would this be yet another item hanging in your closet that your don't wear? Do you really want to add more to the laundry basket?

And lastly, I tell myself that if I can skip the dollar here and there then I've actually SAVED a dollar here and there for bigger purchases later.

Get into this habit so that you don't find yourself having to put a halt to those treasure hunts. Now THAT we don't want to pass up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you think you own or want to know if you own something valuable?

Do you ever come across thrift store items and wonder if that something is a valuable item? I do all the time. Especially since I'm an eBay seller.

This special post is to let you know of an awesome online site that I'm so excited about. It's called "What's it Worth to You." Click this photo below for more info.

Collectable Appraisals

Maybe you have something in your home you've always wondered about. Antiques Roadshow doesn't always come into our lives does it?

Even though most items are more of a sentimental value, I know for me , I like to know that in case I ever need some emergency cash for whatever reason that I might have something around the home I could sell and thus not have to take out a loan or borrow from a friend or family member.

I strongly suggest you check out the site if so and please let your friends and family know about it as it's a good chance they have items they've wondered about too.

Just sent them to this post and have them click on the image.

Collectable Appraisals

Until next time guys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's not too early to look for holiday decorations

Thrift Stores always have a section for decorations. Sometimes there will be a special spot for the actual season for example, Easter, Valentines Day or Christmas. Christmas is a big one. People donate Christmas items like crazy it seems.

It may seem to early to think about Christmas decorations however if you're someone who loves to decorate for the season, start thinking about it now. Vintage Holiday decor is so special too.

The closer it gets to the holidays, the more you'll see people at thrift sthops in general and they're sure to pick some decorations because stores will start putting them out soon if not already.

If you already visit thrift stores, I highly recommend you set some time for some decor hunting. You'll be amazed at the wonderful items there are!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You can find school supplies at thrift stores

School is around the corner yet again. It's time to pick up some supplies and as we all know, those add up fast.

Thrift Stores are a great place to look for school supplies. You may or may not find items perfectly packaged however does it really matter for pencils and paper? Look in the stationary section if they have one or simply ask. Different thrift stores place them in different areas depending on how big their inventory is.

Many retailers donate overstock to thrift stores so you may score and find some items in very good condition.

Backpacks are also something that you can find at thrift stores. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Mervyn's and Target donate many items to Goodwills and Salvation Armys and the items are brand new.

Even if you only find a couple of items on your list, the savings can end up being really high. We know how expensive school supplies can be.

So make sure to hit your locat thrift store before going to the expensive school supply stores. And don't be surprised if you find a couple of things for yourself too!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Designer clothing at Thrift Stores

Designer clothing can easily be found at thrift stores.

Check out this latest find. This is a mens brand new with tag still attached Bergdorf Goodman shirt. You can see the tag attached that shows the $198 price. I got it for $4.99. If my boyfriend liked the style we'd keep it. However I was hunting for eBay inventory. I checked eBay on my Iphone and found that these sell in the $60-$70 range on eBay. Score!

But this would also be a most fantastic gift. How would anyone know where you bought this. Grant it you don't have a receipt should they want to return it. I personally have no problem telling people that I get things at thrift stores. I'm proud of it actually.

This is just to let you know it pays to dig! You may not think anyone would donate such high quality items but oh yes they do.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Handbags at Thrift Stores

Went thrifting today. My local thrift shop is having a special that is irresistible. All clothing and purses are $1. You don't usually find designer handbags at these prices. Well, not that often. You can once in awhile depending on where you live.

However there are brands like Nine West and Target brands quite frequently and now a days, these stores donate unsold items to thrift stores. I see many many new handbags from Target and Mervyn's all the time. I'm keeping an eye out for them for Christmas Gifts.

One idea with these hard to pass up deals is to have a girls spa night and give these handbags, stuffed with goodies, as door prizes so to speak. I happen to have a lot of nieces who are the perfect age for the styles of handbags that I see. They are usually quite trendy so they are well received.

So like I said, Target and the recently out of business Mervyn's donate a whole lot of goods to Goodwills in brand new condition many times with the tag attached.

It's never too early to prepare for Christmas Gifts so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling like a kid again only cost me 49 cents.

Oh how I love thrift stores so much for this reason.

I was at my local TS last week and stumbled upon a bowl that my mother had when we were kids and that I used as my cereal bowl. I couldn't believe my eyes! Instantly I was taken back to a child, sitting in my kitchen where our wallpaper was yellow and green with retro (well they weren't retro then) kitchen appliances on it. We had a square plastic table in the kitchen where we ate our cereal. I remember that kitchen perfectly. And I'd love to have a kitchen like that today.

I OF COURSE bought this bowl. All this for only 49 cents! You know, that's really a big deal. I mean, I don't know if I would have had this wonderful memory come to me any other time. Feelings are not something you can buy either. (well I just did for 49 cents I suppose.) You can't buy love. You can't buy calm. And you can't buy nostalgia. You can buy objects that give you that feeling. But you can't buy the feeling itself. And to find an object to give such a feeling of nostalgia is usually just luck.

So for 49 cents I was given such a gift. You know, that's I why I love thrift stores so much. It doesn't matter if I buy anything or not. The trip down memory lane is priceless.

That is why I enjoy selling things from thrift stores on eBay. I get so many comments from my buyers saying the same thing. "Oh, my grandma had this same pillow." or "I had this same music box when I was a kid." and so on.

Whatever reason you thrift shop, I urge you to allow yourself to stroll the aisles and allow yourself to go down memory lane. Remember it's free!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking for your feedback regarding this new site Feed

Hello everyone! As some of you may or may not know, I did a cash giveaway last week and asked for some comments from all of you about this blog. What you like about it, what you don't, why you visit, what you'd like to see more of , less of?

Although I only had two comments (congrats to the winner) it provided the solution I was looking for which is to get a feed burner.

So, this is a test in a way. If you have received this, would you mind replying or commenting on the blog?

I will do more cash giveaways should this prove to be a positive thing for us all!

Hope you to hear from you! =D
Thrift Store Junkie

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yay, Michelle has won my first $10 giveaway. Although I get almost 100 visitors a day, I only had 2 comments. That's okay, it's a lesson learned for me (and for only $10 wow!)

Enjoy onto more blogging..........Brigitte

Yes, I really do. Why? Because cash is king. Why re-invent the wheel? Cash gets attention and well, I need your attention.

I know I have some followers which I just love. I want to know though what you like and don't like about my posts or site or anything else for that matter.

What would you like me to talk about? Any "more" on certain subjects? Are any of you eBay sellers that would like more tips? Want to know more about thrift store finds?

Whatever it may be I want to know. All you have to do is leave me a comment in regards to the above and and a way for me to get your email. You can email me your email address direct if you wish at "along" with your comment.

I will be giving $10 cash via paypal. I know I know. Only $10. Sorry, all I can spare right now however I do plan to give more. I'd sure take $10 free wouldn't you?

I will pick someone at random (truly!) and announce the winner a week from today and then transfer $10 cash to your paypal account. (yes you need a paypal account please)

So type away folks!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sterling Silver at Thrift Stores

If you see sterling silver anything at thrift stores then grab it.

I am in Santa Barbara, California today and decided to visit the local thrift shop. I scored and found a sterling silver fork for 29 cents! It was mixed in with the regular stainless steel flatware. If you were to visit a thrift store that sets aside fancy items you would have found this behind a glass case for up to $30 or more. Just look at that screen shot above of ended eBay items.

I discuss this in my new book. It is not impossible at all to find a bunch of this silver flatware. If I would have found 10 that would have cost me under $10 and I could then have turned around and sold it for about $300. Not bad eh?

Sure, I keep a lot of things I find. I give some to friends and family. However as most of you know I've turned my passion of thrift store hunting into a part time job.

When I found this today I thought to myself "Do people even know they could make so much money with so litte?" So, I thought I'd plant that seed.

Make sure to send me a blank email to for free tips I give to my paid readers on other things you can sell to make serious side cash!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best Thrift Stores

Best Thrift Stores

A lot of people ask me what are the best thrift stores to go to and I really don't think there are any that are better than others. If we're talking prices and organization than okay, there may be some that are better priced than others.

However the best thing about thrift stores is that you never know what you are going to find. Items are stocked literally every hour, every single day. You could walk out and that fantastic find be on it's way to the shelves and vice versa. Someone could have walked out with no luck and BAM there is that treasure waiting for you thanks to the lovely volunteer that just placed it out.

I find items all the time that someone tried to hide. Maybe they didn't have enough money on them at the time and it was just too good to pass it up so they hide the items. Well, those items do eventually get placed back in their spot and/or YOU will come across it in the wrong spot.

So I don't know that there are any best thrift stores. I really think they are all treasures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dresses on a Budget

Today I'm talking about dresses on a budget.

Depending on where you live this may or may not apply to you but nonetheless, still great info to have.

So we all know that Mervyns went out of business. And guess where all the stock went? Yep, you got it, thrift stores!

I noticed the other day that there were a lot of new looking dresses in on the rack. I took a peak and sure enough, they were all Mervyns' brand. ( I know, I shopped a lot there.) This particular store was Goodwill so my guess is that they went to all Goodwills which is good because Goodwills are everywhere.

In my thrift store the prices are all dresses are $8.99. Ca-ching! What a bargain! And obviously they were current style. I was so excited because this also meant there were various sizes too.

I highly recommend you check our your local Goodwill to see what overstock they may have gotten. They get a lot of Target too which I noticed in the shoes aisle.

Let me know if you do find anything as I'd love to hear your story's.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thrift Store Goldmines is live

Hello everyone.

Well, you may have noticed the banner at the top there. My thrift store ebook is finally live.

This started with just an idea about three years ago and ever since I typed a little here and there to get it completed. I did finally finish it a couple of months ago. After getting some graphics and other technical aspects done including submitting to clickbank and being approved, it is ready and set to go.

I'm excited about this book as my heart and soul is in the book as well as 30 years thrift store hunting experience. It is geared for those selling on ebay but really anyone can use this book as it can be used for personal hunting tips use as well.

So I hope that if by chance you do check it out that you enjoy it. It is sold through clickbank so if any of you promote ebooks I hope you pass it along.

Thanks for all of your support!

Thrift Store Junkie

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fourth of July Decorations

I can't think of a better place than thrift stores for your Fourth of July decorations.

Thrift Stores during the holidays like to have sales that go with the theme of the holiday. For example at Halloween time it's 1/2 off black and orange. Valentines day it's all red. And for Fourth of July it's, you got it, red, blue and white.

So think outside the box for your fourth of July decorations this year.

Do you need dishware? You can find plates , glasses and more for pennies on the dollar. What about centerpieces? Some red , white and blue ornaments in a glass bowl would be beautiful. Are you crafty? Clothing is usually on sale so look for some festive colors or patterns you can use as fabric. And last but not least, thrift stores sometimes will make a special display according to the holiday so it's a laid out for you already.

I hope this has gotten your brain thinking outside the box a bit. And I really hope you find some treasures! Let me know if you do!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Retro Patio Furniture

Do you love retro patio furniture? I know I do. I often find that thrift stores for whatever reason don't really price patio furniture too high. I don't know if it's because it seems dingy or is not a big seller or is just those in my area or what?

Depending on the thrift store you visit, they may be located outside. I've been to some thrift stores where outside items are actually outside. Of course more likely than not they'll be inside with the rest of the furniture. I recommend really taking a good look as people toss so many things around that chairs and tables easily get items dumped onto them and so you may not notice it right away.

Also, some people may not be interested in the whole set and only want a chair so if you see a lonely chair in the corner, take a peak around the store to see if it has a matching family.

Lastly, don't hesitate to ask if they might have some patio furniture that is waiting to be put out? Doesn't hurt to ask.

I love retro patio furniture. I'd actually use it for the inside of my home if I could.

What would you do with retro patio furniture?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

70's Clothing

So are you or someone you know into 70's clothing? I think this is definitely one style of clothing that people know thrift stores are good for. I come across them all the time and actually make a point to look out for them to pass them onto my ebay buyers.

A true piece of 70's clothing will actually not be very shapely. Shirts back then were really boxy as were the dresses. Also, a lot of the fabrics were polyester as we all know. So although you dig that shirt baby, make sure you keep this in mind. If you don't like to sweat, this may not be for you.

However, have you thought of this? 70's clothing with it's wild, funky and bright patterns are perfect to cut up into quilt patches. Or as fabric for any project really? A lot of eBay buyers are crafters that actually look for pieces of vintage fabric to use to make purses. I know it may be hard to cut up such cool clothing so all the more reason to look for those not so perfect pieces. Stains and rips will make the item very inexpensive.

I have more of these kinds of tips in my new book which will be available very soon.

In the meantime, keep your crafty friends in the back of your mind when you go thrifting. They'll love to receive pieces of fabric from the 70's for their projects.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there and the mama dads.

I visited my father in Santa Barbara , California this weekend and it was lovely. There was no thrift store hunting or ebaying this weekend. Just quality time with the family.

I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheap Artwork

I think Thrift Stores have always been a place collectors go to find cheap artwork even when going to thrift stores was not as popular.

I definitely do look at the artwork when I'm hunting. Sometimes for the print but many times for the frame itself.

However yesterday I stumbled upon some exciting finds. Two framed Hummel prints in excellent condition for $6 each. Hummel figurines are very collectible and so I'm not sure if the prints will be as well. They will of course go on ebay however I may wait until the holidays.

I also found two asian framed needlepoint prints. They are beautiful. These would look gorgeous in any home. I wish I had a place to put them.

So, whether you're looking for inventory to sell one bay or want to decorate your home or even gifts for that antique loving friend, do not forget about thrift stores.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do you like my new blog theme?

So, as you can see I've got a new theme , graphics and colors for my blog. What do you all think? I'm very happy with it as it reflects my style of bit more. I was lucky enough to find someone that designed a thrift store forum I belong to.

And speaking of which, do you all know about the thrift shopper forum? . You must check it out. Loads of fun and lots of fellow thrift store junkies like me.

Until next time, hang tight.

There are exciting things to come.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing is in abundance at thrift stores it seems. Being a thrift store, you are probably going to pay much much lower prices than wholesale. Of course some thrift stores do set aside the higher end items and designer labels however I prefer that. It's all been sorted for me already and I fully expect to pay $10 rather than $2.

Plus size clothing can be quite expensive. If you're looking for wholesale plus size clothing I highly recommend you check out thrift stores. You'll be amazed at the quality items you'll find.

My pregnant friend once asked me to see what I could find her at thrift stores. She gave me $20 . Of course I loved the challenge! I found her about 7 items which were almost new. That's about $200 retail at least. My boyfriend needed long sleeve button down shirts for work and I REFUSED to allow him to go to the mall to spend $50 or so on shirts. I came back with 8 shirts, many designer for around $25.

This is what you can expect with plus size clothing as well. The items are in very good condition. Some with tags!

So give it a try. Make sure to let me know what you find!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Antique Bedrooms

Do you want an antique looking bedroom? I used to have one and I loved it. So homey. All the decor in my bedroom was from thrift stores. It was so easy to do and very inexpensive. Here are a list of items you can find really cheap that will give you the feel you are looking for.

* Antique tea cups to hold jewelry, hair pins, loose change.

* Old books on top of dressers or in between bookends & to place teacups on top of.

* Vintage sheets and towels. Use as is (washed of course) or wrap around pillows.

* Vintage costume jewelry hanging on dresser mirrors.

* Hang vintage purses on the wall.

* Place old shoes on a shelf.

* Keep an eye out for old lamps and lamp shades.

* Place old picture frames throughout.

* Old dolls and toys on a shelf are great.

* Old handkerchiefs either framed or simply laid out on a dresser.

* I love to use old champagne glasses to hold my make up brushes and eye liners.

* Keep an eye out for old clocks. Hanging or alarm clocks.

* The obvious is furniture of course. Chairs, foot stools, etc.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea and I hope that this has inspired you to get started in transforming your bedroom or guest room into an antique bedroom. I know you'll love it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vintage Wedding Ideas

With wedding season in full speed I wanted to mention thrift stores as an option for your vintage wedding and give you vintage wedding ideas.

The mere fact that you are having a vintage wedding says that used items are to be expected. Perhaps this means you are using specific colors like black, gray and white. Or maybe you want to use vintage sterling silverware or centerpieces that are unexpected. Thrift Stores are your friend if these items are on your list. Sometimes these items will be set aside for the "fancier" section of the thrift store however the prices will still be affordable relatively speaking.

Some items to be on the lookout for are as mentioned, sterling silverware but also look for silver bowls and vases. Perhaps some antique tea cups.

Another neat idea is to have all the groomsmen in vintage ties. These always pop up at thrift stores. Perhaps the ladies can wear vintage rhinestone jewelry.

The ideas go on and on. It is not traditional to go to thrift store for vintage wedding ideas however that will make you all the more original.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vintage Wedding Dresses

With spring and summer here weddings are abound. And with the economy as it has been it's even tougher to budget for a wedding these days. I love love love the idea of vintage wedding dresses. I see them all the time at thrift stores. With the high rate of divorce it's no surprise that they end up here. Whether it's bad memories or whatever other reason, ex-brides get rid of them and they end up donated many times.

As you know I'm a big fan of tailoring. A wedding dress usually has to be altered anyway so a vintage wedding dress is the way to go. If you take into consideration the cost of wedding dresses, buying a vintage wedding dress can you save you hundreds and for many, thousands. And you can put all this money towards the more important stuff.

Should you find a stain , don't totally rule it out. Can it bleached or cleaned in some way?

You will usually find wedding dresses mixed in with the dresses but many times they'll create a section all on it's own.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vintage Cocktail Dresses

So another trend is vintage cocktail dresses. And why not? The detail on some of these dresses is gorgeous! And yes, you can still find some at thrift stores. Not as easy as the gold ole days however if you love hunting and digging like I do, don't be surprised to find one on the rack stuffed between other dresses.

It's true that sizing was much different back then so hopefully you can try it on. If it's too big for you then you're in luck! Just get it tailored. The cost of the dress plus the tailoring will still be less than a brand new dress and the fit will be perfect!

So remember thrift stores for vintage cocktail dresses if you've got a party coming up. You'll be just lovely darling.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Retro Bathing Suit

Would you wear a retro bathing suit?

I come across them often while thrifting. I've yet to "score" with one like from the 40's and 50's and I guess you could say I'm waiting for that great find. I know some people may be funny about having a used bathing suit. I totally understand. However you say tomato and I say tomato right?

I know they're often used by photographers for vintage photo shoots.

Hm? I'll have to rethink that one I think.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great thrift store finds as usual

As usual, thrift store finds were plentiful. As I write in my ebook (coming soon), there are still thrift stores that you can find $1 items and even less. As you can see here, I had the pleasure of finding the $1 rack. I find many things for myself as well as ebay.

I really have such a good time thrift store shopping and it's so hard to resist these deals as I've mentioned before.

There are always thrift store's around the corner it seems. Even I found one about a mile from me that I never knew about. Just check online for your nearest thrift store and see if there may just be a gem around the corner too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Online Thrift Store

So I was wondering if any of you shop at the online thrift stores that have popped up? Goodwill has an online auction format and I've utilized a few times. However it's tough for me without actually seeing the item up close.

There is a thrift store in San Diego, CA that now advertises items online however they are not shipping out yet.

I'm not sure I'm too keen on them. I mean it's great don't get me wrong. It's just that the hunting and digging in thrift stores is the majority of the fun for me.

I wonder how many more we'll see pop up in the near future.

In the meantime, check out this online site!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thrift Stores and Recycling go together

There's no better time than now for Thrift Stores as far as the green movement goes. Obviously one is recycling by the mere fact that they are buying used items. However, there's so much more.

I think it's a wonderful idea to buy used items as gifts. It's all in the packaging.

In the housewares department one can usually find candle holders or jewelry boxes, tea cups and more. Why not turn a tea cup into a handle holder? Simply place a votive inside. Give the recipient an "antique" type of gift so to speak. Do you know someone into crafts? Why not buy vintage clothing and cut up the fabric and give the fabric swatches as gifts? Wrap the fabric in nice tissue and viola?

If you know someone who enjoys vintage clothing than that in of itself is a gift to that person.

I'll have more ideas like this. With my 30+ years of thrift store shopping, I've got many up my sleeve.

What have YOU done with your thrift store purchases?


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